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MobiKwik Android app which enables users to pay in a flash for their recurring recharge and bill payment transactions and to buy products on popular eCommerce Websites and Mobile Apps has now upgraded to Version 4.2.

It has  now enhanced security features. It also features ‘Cash Pay’, within the App itself. The security upgrades in MobiKwik Android App provide a means to safeguard the money in the wallet in case of theft or loss of the handset. Thry now increased the security by a 2nd layer of authentication and ability to remotely wipe out app data.

The upgrades include:

– Remote Detonation: It’s now possible to secure the Wallet remotely and prevent misuse of money in the wallet if the mobile device is lost, stolen or simply left behind. To trigger remote detonation, the user needs to send an SMS from an alternate number provided by them. Remote detonation logs the user out of the application and wipes out all the private data in the app such as transaction history.
– Transaction lock: This feature allows the user to set up a 6 digit PIN which needs to be entered before the wallet money can be used in the MobiKwik Android app. This feature prevents someone else from making a transaction, even if a user remains logged into the App after entering the password.
– In addition, MobiKwik app now also features the facility of ‘Cash Pay’ within the App itself. Users can use this feature to add money in their wallet by having it collected from their doorstep. A users’ pick up details are saved once entered and need not be entered again the next time Cash Pay is used. This service is free for the user.

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  1. Kamaldeep SIngh
    #1 Kamaldeep SIngh 21 April, 2016, 07:11

    First I wanna transfer Rs 16100 to my account because I wanted to make payment for a product on Askmebazaar. Mobikwik denied saying that the limit is only of 10000. I transferred Rs.9000 into first account and Rs 7100 into second account thinking I will transfer mobikwik to mobikwik. Then again the transfer limit is Rs 4000. Well I transferred Rs 4000 from second account to First account. Now amount deducted from second account but not showing in first account. Now being fed up I thought of transferring back Rs 9000 to my bank account then hell mobikwik said Transfer limit is Rs500 and that too with a surcharge of Rs 20. means to transfer my own money I need to make 18 different bank transfer and total Rs 360 Surcharge. What the hell is this ? And 14 transactions to transfer 7100 amount to my bank account with Rs 280 Surcharge. Guys beware before adding amount in mobikwik. They just suck up your money once deposited.
    Guys you must try Paytm. They are the best in servicing their customers. My Ticket ID is #4820635

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  2. Nasim R Sheikh
    #2 Nasim R Sheikh 4 October, 2018, 13:56

    forgot my transaction password asking for unblock security pin

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