New WhatsApp Update Brings Video Calling on Board

Video calling is now integrated in Whatsapp, with the latest update from the company and will be rolled over to 180 countries worldwide.

Tushar Mehta
New Update

Facebook-owned WhatsApp has almost 160 million Indian users, making India a market of dominance.


WhatsApp has finally merged into the queue of applications offering Video calling. What is the difference? Video calling is now integrated into the favourite messaging app of over a billion users worldwide.

It also has almost 160 million India users, making India a market of dominance. Therefore, WhatsApp's video calling is enhanced for usage on the cellular network, keeping in consideration the connectivity bottleneck in the country. Following the launch in India today i.e. 15th November, the video calling feature will be rolled out 180 countries around the globe.



Whatsapp Video Calling Awkward moments while testing WhatsApp's Video Calling feature

Video calling, akin to WhatsApp's text messages, will be encrypted end-to-end. While WhatsApp had introduced this feature on a Beta Testing update, the feature will find a home in all Android, iOS, and Windows devices gradually over a few hours of the launch event in India.

whatsapp video callingFor making video calls, you must update to the latest version of the app. Once installed, touch the familiar handset button which will present separate options for Voice & Video Calls. The prevailing call appears like the tradition Picture-in-picture view.

Whatsapp was a late runner in the race to introduce voice calling or even end-to-end encryption. While video calling apps like Skype, Facetime, Google Duo have existed for a long time, what is interesting to observe is that WhatsApp is deep-rooted in our lives. How well a function of added convenience will aggregate to our current favourite messaging app, is to be seen.

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