Enhancing Workplace Focus: EPOS Introduces IMPACT 800 Series

The IMPACT 800 series is the latest addition to EPOS’ enterprise audio portfolio, which caters to every office environment. This on-ear, USB, wired headset is designed to improve focus and boost productivity in the open spaces that are now commonplace in the office and when working from home.

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EPOS Introduces IMPACT 800 Series

In today's bustling work environments, where distractions are constant, EPOS introduces the IMPACT 800 Series—a headset designed to boost focus and productivity for desk-working professionals. This new addition to EPOS' enterprise audio lineup aims to reshape how individuals engage with their workspaces, whether in traditional offices or remote setups.


Imagine a workspace filled with constant chatter, background noises, or electronic hums. These everyday sounds can create mental strain, impacting concentration and efficiency. EPOS recognized this challenge and developed the IMPACT 800 Series to address the cognitive load associated with digital audio processing in noisy environments.

At the core of the IMPACT 800 Series is EPOS BrainAdapt™, a suite of innovative technologies crafted to enhance call clarity and comprehension in distracting settings. By minimizing disruptive sounds and cognitive effort, this headset enables users to achieve higher levels of efficiency, reportedly increasing productivity by up to 40%.

Key features of the EPOS IMPACT 800 Series include:

  • Enhanced Focus with BrainAdapt™: Utilizing hybrid adaptive Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and advanced voice pickup powered by EPOS AI™, the headset enhances cognitive performance by reducing ambient noise and improving communication clarity.
  • Comfortable Design for Extended Use: Featuring lightweight materials, soft breathable cushions, and ergonomic headband padding, the IMPACT 800 ensures all-day comfort.
  • Crystal Clear Sound Quality: Equipped with three beamforming microphones and 2nd Generation EPOS AI™ algorithms, the headset delivers natural, high-definition sound with minimal background interference.
  • Intuitive Smart Features: The IMPACT 800 Series offers plug-and-play connectivity via USB-C and intuitive controls for seamless call management.

Priced competitively at Rs. 14,710, the IMPACT 800 Series provides a wired solution ideal for users seeking uninterrupted call quality and performance throughout their workday.