MAI Labs AI-Powered Platform Unveiled: What Can You Create in MayaaVerse?

22 May, New Delhi: MAI Labs, a pioneer in deep tech recognised for its inventive, immersive, and compliant technologies, is pleased to announce the debut of MayaaVerse.

Preeti Anand
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22 May, New Delhi: MAI Labs, a pioneer in deep tech recognised for its inventive, immersive, and compliant technologies, is pleased to announce the debut of MayaaVerse. This cutting-edge immersive tech platform, which offers unmatched virtual immersion, is integrated with artificial intelligence (AI) and designed to transform creative thinking and human interactions in digital spaces. MAI Lab presents an AI-enabled immersive tech platform poised to revolutionise the global creator economy.


A McKinsey analysis states a massive opportunity in immersive tech, with potential revenue of up to $5 trillion in consumer and enterprise applications by 2030. With significant investments already flowing in, technology can potentially transform both the personal and business realms, changing our lives.

Global investors, who have committed over $17.5 million at a valuation of $250 million so far, support MAI Labs. Furthermore, a half-billion dollar valuation is being raised for the next 50 million dollars."In MAI Labs' quest to reinvent human-computer interaction and unleash creativity in immersive environments, MayaaVerse is a significant achievement. Interaction moves to the next level with this development, a smooth merging of the digital and real worlds. By providing a cutting-edge platform that enables creators to create, collaborate, and sell their digital material in novel and revolutionary ways through immersive technology and artificial intelligence, we hope to disrupt the creator economy completely.

Lead Visionary at MAI Labs, Tapan Sangal, said, "We are confident in our decision to make a significant investment in this technological arena, given the immense potential we see."



MayaaVerse's salient features are · Immersive Virtual Reality Technology: MayaaVerse creates photo realistic environments that perfectly blend the digital and physical worlds by utilising cutting-edge VR technology and AI.



Render Stream Technology: Without expensive hardware, users may enjoy photorealistic content thanks to our groundbreaking Render Stream Technology. This technology ensures accessible and smooth user experiences across a wide range of devices by enabling streaming high-quality virtual worlds to any device with minimal hardware and internet connectivity.

     MAICity: MayaaVerse's Central Core: Our groundbreaking domain, MAICity, is located at the centre of MayaaVerse and spans a massive 100 square kilometres with 17,000 interconnected worlds. With great care, realism, and attention to detail, this virtual city has been created to scale. It includes many areas, including architectural wonders, colleges, shopping centres, schools, and entertainment places.



     Each activity in MAICity has been carefully selected to create a dynamic, user-directed environment that lets users explore at their own pace. This dynamic virtual metropolis represents our goal of developing the next iteration of the internet, in which every encounter offers a chance for creativity and discovery.

     Empowerment of Creators: By offering a dynamic platform for creators to exhibit, safeguard, distribute, and profit from their digital works, MayaaVerse promotes cooperation and recognition among people worldwide.

     MayaaVerse offers a wide range of virtual experiences that include all aspects of digital engagement. It incorporates learning and development modules, interactive workshops, contemplative interactions, retail, and dynamic events.

     MayaaVerse, which gives viewers a peek into the future of virtual reality and the human experience, is a monument to MAI Labs' dedication to innovation and excellence as we continue to push the boundaries of immersive technology.