MediaTek Introduces 'MediaTek Connect Program' and Launches CMF Phone 1 in India

MediaTek launches the MediaTek Connect Program and CMF Phone 1 in India, introducing the new Dimensity 7300 5G chipset and aiming to enhance tech engagement and accessibility in the smartphone market.

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MediaTek Connect Program Launch

In a strategic move to enhance community engagement and showcase its technological advancements, MediaTek launched its 'MediaTek Connect Program' in India, simultaneously unveiling the CMF Phone 1, the first smartphone in the country equipped with MediaTek’s Dimensity 7300 5G chipset.


At the heart of MediaTek's recent initiative is the MediaTek Connect Program, designed to bridge the gap between the company's technological innovations and the tech enthusiast community. The program aims to offer a platform for users to engage directly with MediaTek’s technologies through various activities including exclusive access to devices, premium events, and interactive sessions with industry leaders.

Finbarr Moynihan, Vice President of Corporate Marketing at MediaTek, emphasized the program's goals, stating, “MediaTek Connect is about bringing our latest innovations directly to the community, enhancing their understanding and providing them with tools to explore these technologies firsthand.”

CMF Phone 1: MediaTek's Latest Smartphone Innovation


The launch event was also the stage for the debut of the CMF Phone 1, which features the Dimensity 7300 5G chipset. This chipset is noted for its efficiency and performance capabilities, designed to support robust multitasking and high-quality media consumption without compromising battery life.

The CMF Phone 1 is positioned as a game-changer in the mid-range smartphone segment, aiming to offer high-end features at a more accessible price point. This approach reflects MediaTek's strategy to capture a significant market share in India’s rapidly growing smartphone market.

MediaTek's collaboration with smartphone manufacturers like Nothing, who co-developed the CMF Phone 1, underscores a concerted effort to blend innovative design with powerful technological backbones. Akis Evangelidis, co-founder of Nothing, commented on the launch, "The CMF Phone 1 represents a key moment for us, leveraging MediaTek’s robust technology to deliver a unique and efficient smartphone experience."


Anuj Sidharth, Deputy Director of Marketing & Communications at MediaTek, highlighted the broader implications of the launch, “Our partnership for the CMF Phone 1 and the creation of the MediaTek Connect Program are geared towards making cutting-edge technology more accessible and improving the overall user experience.”

The introduction of the MediaTek Connect Program and the launch of the CMF Phone 1 are pivotal elements in MediaTek’s strategy to not only compete in the global semiconductor industry but also to foster a deeper connection with its consumer base.


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