METZ QLED+ TVs Feature Genius Remote Finder: Now in India

It is transforming the TV Watching Experience with Dolby Enhancements, Matte Screens, and Advanced QLED Technology. The well-known German brand METZ, supported by the international TV behemoth Skyworth

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METZ QLED+ TVs Innovativ

METZ Unveils QLED+ TVs in India

It is transforming the TV Watching Experience with Dolby Enhancements, Matte Screens, and Advanced QLED Technology. The well-known German brand METZ, supported by the international TV behemoth Skyworth, is pleased to announce the arrival of its new premium QLED+ TV line in the Indian market. With an 85-year history of creativity and quality, METZ is poised to revolutionise how people watch television with its cutting-edge QLED+ technology, improved with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.


 The new METZ QLED+ TVs aim to provide immersive and high-quality entertainment.

With the use of Quantum Dot technology, Premium QLED+ display technology is included on these TVs, providing richer contrasts and vivid colours. The improved matte screen makes for a more pleasant and glare-free viewing experience, while Dolby Vision enhances the image's brightness, contrast, and colour accuracy. Dolby Atmos surround sound fits you with its moving surround sound for a fully immersive audio experience.

 METZ QLED+ TVs: Find Remote Feature


One easy way to find a misplaced remote control is to use the Find Remote feature. It can work in a few different ways: Users can press a button on the TV to make the remote beep. This feature simplifies finding the remote quickly and saves time and hassle.

METZ QLED+ TVs: Certification

With their low blue light certification, METZ QLED+ TVs are a healthier option for prolonged watching because they have undergone testing and meet strict requirements to minimise this emission. Furthermore, these televisions employ cutting-edge technologies to reduce or completely eradicate screen flickering, as seen by their Flicker-Free certification. Flickering can lead to eye strain and pain. METZ QLED+ TVs are designed to make watching more comfortable and eye-friendly by addressing blue light emission and screen flickering. This way, viewers can enjoy their material for extended periods without worrying about how their eyes will be affected.


 Technologies that are flicker-free and low in blue light have several advantages, such as less eye strain and fatigue, which makes watching more comfortable—especially for prolonged periods. These technologies can also help improve the quality of your sleep by reducing your exposure to blue light, especially while viewing TV right before bed. They promote eye health and improve viewing pleasure, enabling users to enjoy screen time with less discomfort and potential long-term repercussions.


The TVs also have an A+ Grade Display Panel for excellent visual performance and dependability and Eye Care 3.0, which lessens eye strain by emitting low blue light and having flicker-free technology. The handy Remote Finder function costs INR 13,900 for the 32-inch set and INR 96,000 for the 65-inch set. The Ambilight Sensor dynamically modifies screen brightness based on environmental illumination for optimal viewing.


 Company's Take

Skyworth India Electronics Private Limited's marketing manager, Pradeep Khanna, expressed his excitement for the introduction by saying, "We are delighted to offer the new QLED+ sector in India. This launch, which combines Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos with QLED+ technology with WCG lighting and a matte screen, symbolises the apex of our technological achievements. We aim to deliver an unmatched, cutting-edge, and user-friendly watching experience. We think that the METZ QLED+ TVs will revolutionise Indian home entertainment.

 METZ runs 16 global manufacturing sites in Germany, Indonesia, and India, and 11 international research and development centres. It also services eight global supply chain regions, including South Africa, Russia, and North America.


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