Synology's Advanced Data Management and Security Solutions Combat Ransomware Challenges in India

Synology has launched advanced technologies to combat ransomware threats in India, emphasizing data security for businesses. Their flagship storage solution, the HD6500, offers significant capacity for managing large volumes of data securely.

Ashok Pandey
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Synology's Data Management and Security Solutions Tackle Ransomware Threats in India

Synology has launched a suite of advanced technologies designed to combat the increasing threat of ransomware attacks in India. The initiative underscores Synology's dedication to addressing the urgent challenges faced by businesses in protecting their critical data from malicious cyber activities.


Among the key announcements was Synology's flagship storage solution, the HD6500, which can store up to 4.8 petabytes of data. This release marks a significant capacity enhancement, offering enterprises the scalability required to securely and efficiently manage large volumes of information.

Accompanying the hardware unveiling were Synology's Active Backup Suite and Snapshot Replication—innovative software solutions aimed at preventing and mitigating ransomware threats. These tools are integral components of Synology's comprehensive strategy to strengthen data management practices, emphasizing proactive measures against cyberattacks.

Russell Chen, Synology's Country Manager for the SAARC region, emphasized the critical need for enhanced data governance in response to India's Digital Personal Data Protection Act (DPDPA). This legislation mandates stricter compliance measures for businesses, including data breach protocols and the appointment of Data Protection Officers (DPOs). Synology's offerings seek to alleviate these compliance burdens while enhancing cybersecurity defenses.


Synology also addressed recent high-profile data breaches in India, such as those involving Polycab and AIIMS, highlighting the importance of robust data protection strategies. Demonstrations of Synology's backup solutions showcased how businesses can effectively counter ransomware threats by employing multi-layered security protocols and streamlined recovery processes.

Synology's 20% market growth over the past year reflects the increasing demand for reliable backup solutions, particularly driven by SMBs and enterprises in India. This growth trajectory aligns with the country's emergence as a regional data center hub, propelled by government initiatives prioritizing investments in data security.

Looking ahead, Russell Chen hinted at upcoming innovations from Synology tailored to enterprise needs, promising even more sophisticated technologies to address evolving data management challenges. As businesses confront the imperative to stay ahead of cyber threats, Synology remains committed to empowering organizations with the tools and knowledge required to safeguard their most valuable asset—data.

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