Uno Minda Revolutionizes Smart Mobility with Clarton's Premium C80 Trumpet Horn

The range is one of the most premium horns available in the Indian aftermarket and is compatible with almost every car manufactured in India.

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Uno Minda Revolutionizes Smart Mobility with Clarton's Premium C80 Trumpet Horn

The Indian automotive industry is experiencing a shift towards premiumization, with customers increasingly seeking high-quality products from manufacturers. Owning a car is not just a necessity but a style statement, reflecting one's personality. This trend extends beyond interior and exterior upgrades to include even the minutest details, such as the type of horn installed.


Uno Minda has introduced a new premium range of trumpet horns named C80 in the Indian aftermarket. These horns are designed for car owners looking to upgrade their standard horns to superior-quality ones, enhancing their vehicles' personality.

The technology behind Uno Minda's C80 premium car horn originates from Clarton Horn, Spain, a leading global horn manufacturer and OEM supplier. Uno Minda recognized the demand among Indian consumers for premium trumpet horns and has brought Clarton's signature product to India.

The C80 trumpet horn boasts an 80-millimeter diameter and a robust sound output exceeding 105 decibels, operating on a 12-volt power supply with a current of 3.5A. Its compact design ensures compatibility with various vehicle models, from hatchbacks to luxury cars, favored by renowned OEMs such as BMW, Mercedes, and Rolls Royce.


The C80 trumpet horn represents Uno Minda's commitment to on-road safety and consumer satisfaction, backed by extensive market research and rigorous testing. Its low current consumption of 3.5 amps ensures seamless integration with any vehicle's electrical system.

The product packaging features anti-counterfeiting measures, enhancing customer security, while its universal fit facilitates effortless installation in any car model.

Key innovative features of the C80 trumpet horn include:

  • Premium Sound Quality: The C80 emits a robust and pleasant sound exceeding 105 decibels, similar to the horn sound of luxury segment cars. This premium sound quality enhances the driving experience and adds a touch of sophistication to the vehicle.
  • European Technology: The horn incorporates advanced European technology from Clarton Horn, renowned for its expertise in manufacturing high-quality automotive horns. Uno Minda's collaboration with Clarton brings this cutting-edge technology to Indian car owners.
  • Compact Design and Compatibility: The C80's compact size ensures compatibility with various vehicle models, from hatchbacks to luxury cars. This versatility allows car enthusiasts to upgrade their horn without worrying about fitment issues.
  • Low Current Consumption: Operating on a 12-volt power supply with a shallow current requirement of 3.5A, the C80 horn integrates seamlessly with any vehicle's electrical system without causing strain.

Uno Minda's Ultimo C80 premium trumpet horn comes with a one-year warranty and is competitively priced at MRP 1080 INR. It is available at leading online and offline retail stores, including UnoMinda Kart, Amazon, and Flipkart.