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1. As a global provider of premium audio and infotainment solutions, what kind of trends is HARMAN noticing in the audio segment?

We are seeing three major technology innovations at HARMAN. They are:
Big Data – Extremely large sets of data, often measured in terabytes and exabytes are being gathered or stored in devices or on the cloud everywhere. The resultant proliferation of information-sensing devices and location-aware mobile devices coincide with the rise of Big Data.
Smart Connectivity – From personal fitness devices that follow our every movement and transmit the results to precise fitness tracking apps, to cars that notify us well before a maintenance problem occurs, we are witnessing a transformative time in electronics with the era of smart devices that connect, communicate and inform.

User Experience – User Experience (UX) is an area of design focused on the holistic interaction a user has with a product or a service. This includes the user interface (UI), but goes way beyond that, also covering the users’ expectations and even emotions, as well as other intangible factors.

2. And what’s next in audio technology? Which sector would you say is set to witness a major shift: home audio, wearables, or wireless speakers?

Mobile computing has dominated new market introductions over the past few years and it has impacted the way sound/music is experienced. This will continue in the years to come, while the three trends that I spoke about earlier will characterize future domains and smart consumer devices.

3. Are you doing anything around high-res audio products?

Yes we are.We are currently working on high- end luxury audio products across domains, such as JBL Synthesis, Revel, Lexicon, and Mark Levinson and products like Crown, AKG, Studer, SoundCraft, JBL in the professional audio space. It is indeed an added advantage as all these brands are a part of the same house of brands: HARMAN. In addition, we continue to focus on the quality of sound. In fact, at CES and Geneva Motor Show this year, we showcased a very interesting technology – HARMAN CLARI-FI. CLARI-FI is a technology that restores audio quality that is lost in mobile and digitized music.

4. How is the home entertainment market doing currently?

Recent industry reports peg the market growth to be stagnant over the next few years.
The market opportunity is cautiously encouraging despite being impacted by the overall sluggishness in the Indian economy. However, we see consumers continuing to invest in brands that provide the best value for money.

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