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Project SELO, which stands for CRPF's motto of SErvice

and LOyalty, was conceptualized way back in 1997 and due to its scale, was

finally signed off in November last year. Interestingly, 1997 was also the year

when Intranets  take off in the country. To think that a govt controlled

body like CRPF also conceptualized its own massive Intranet at that time and

completely changed the way it functions is quite commendable. The entire

approach to computerization in this project is very innovative and systematic,

which is only to be expected from the armed forces.



Managing a large force over manual processes


Complete computerization and Intranet with an integrated application



Brigadier J S Sawhney (Retd); P Valsa Kumar, Additional DIG Police (EDP), CRPF



Microsoft, Oracle, Lotus
Brigadier J S Sawhney (Retd)CRPF

The entire command and control structure of CRPF was

covered by SELO, right from the Directorate General, to sector and range

headquarters, group centers, and battalion headquarters in the fields. As a

first step, they brought the IT culture into the workforce, so that the force

would be ready to accept and appreciate the computerization when it happened.

For this, CRPF used its Central college of telecommunications at


to train 1500 officers and men. They even sanctioned Internet access to

everybody to let them explore the power of the Internet and computers on their


Next, the software requirements were identified and a

tailor made application was created for the work force. This is much better than

simply dumping PCs and other hardware across all divisions. This requirement

analysis took three months, and everybody from the dealing assistant to the

Director General were approached. Based on this, the application was broken up

into five different modules. One was to track personnel information, which is

extremely essential given CRPF's 2.4 Lakh strong force. An operations module

kept track of CRPF deployments; a finance module tracked finances, budgets,

auditing, etc. An inventory management module ensured that troops were never

deprived of any requirements.

Lastly, was a workflow and document management system,

having an email system and posting of all rules and regulations of the workforce

set by the government. Like any other Intranet, the key to a successful Intranet

is regular updating of data. CRPF maintains it regularly, with data updations

happens 24x7.