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DACNET follows a very transparent approach in providing a

comprehensive resource of agriculture-related information through a website open

to all. Though it is operational in both Hindi and English as of now, DAC aims

to convert it into other major regional languages so that the benefits can be

directly delivered to the end user. This powerful e-governance initiative

focuses on increasing value in DAC (Department of Agriculture and Cooperation)

and enhancing its relationships with its minimum agenda of e-governance.



Agricultural information was not directly available to the farming community and planners 


A web-based centralized repository of information in the public domain



National Informatics Center, Delhi



Database server, ISA, Visio-2000 and Office-XP
Dr M V S Sarma

Senior Technical DirectorNational Informatics Center

It aims at integrating Government functions (G2G),

integrating agri-business partners (B2B), connecting farmers (C2C) and

empowering employees (A2E).

The first step to bridge these islands of information was

to network all Directorates, Regional Directorates and their Field Units with

the Central Project Unit.

It is a very exhaustive portal at

that also links the likes of plant quarantine reports, weather watch, etc. Once

can also get the state-wise, market-wise reports of prices for various

agricultural products for a particular time period. This enables decision makers

to make quick decisions by making use of that information, thus, reducing the

cost and increasing the productivity. It allows for an interactive exchange of

information for planning and day-to-day operations by farmers. This is done

through the advisory and extension services available at the agriculture

information centers (like Krishi Vikas Kendras or KVKs) in each village. There

is data lying from as much as 5-6 decades back for the purposes of understanding

the agricultural history of a region or drawing area-wise/crop-wise patterns out

of it. the impact of the project has been so that the Customer Satisfaction

Index is a soaring high of 91.5%.