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The Online Legal Caseload Management system is a Govt of AP

project implemented by the Center for Good Governance. It's meant to help the

govt keep track of cases where it is a respondent/petitioner. The process tracks

litigation through the system from the subordinate courts right up to the

Supreme Court, through each stage and with all the documentation. This lets the

Government be better prepared and be more efficient and transparent. With the

huge number of cases (63,000 pending cases involving the Govt of AP as of 31st

October 2005) that pass through as well as lie dormant in our judicial system,

along with backlogs and transfers to different courts and discontinuous

timelines, the task of tracing the history of a particular litigation is onerous

indeed. Traditionally, this required the Govt functionaries to be in constant

touch with the GP's (Government Pleader) office to receive status updates. If

the query is on a matter that's not currently 'active', it meant a delay

of even several days before the GP's office could locate the information and

pass it on.



Keep tab of the progress of various cases where the Govt is a party or respondent
IT solution

A web-based system that can generate alerts to provide a portal for such information



Center for Good Governance, AP



Oracle 9i database on RHEL AS, J2EE, Tomcat

The web-based Online Legal Case Load system eliminates the

need to go through the GP's office, and provides all information on a web

browser over the Internet.

The Case Load Management System offers complete tracking of

a litigation right from the moment the court's office allocates the matter a

number, upto the moment it is disposed of.

At every instance of the case, details of what has

transpired so far, along with all submissions and referrals are filed and

reported on. Even the number of adjournments is recorded. Details of judgments

delivered are also recorded to facilitate appeals in higher courts. When an

instance of contempt of court arises, the concerned Secretary is immediately

informed via SMS and Web-based alerts.