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Preventive Monitoring System (PMS)-Rakshak  is an

innovative solution deployed by the bank to monitor the health of its big

borrowal accounts. It alerts the officials of any malady before hand so that

steps can be taken to prevent an account from becoming a non performing asset (NPA).

For this, a number of key financial signals/indicators such as security value of

an organization, operational and financial performance, irregularities in

current accounts are fed into the tool. It assigns due weightage to each

parameter in the form of numerical scores and captures the conduct of an account

based on indicators of past one year to generate a single numerical value called

PMS Index Score. Based on this score, the bank can identify sick accounts and

plan remedial measures.



To prevent borrowal accounts from becoming NPAs
IT solution

A software that proactively tracks all borrowal accounts thus reducing financial liabilities



KS Bajwa, General Manager, IT



Solaris 9.0 and Oracle 10g

The tool has been deployed at branch level with data

monitoring possible across the entire management hierarchy. This increases

transparency thereby reducing scope for manipulation. It is a 3-tier solution

built around Oracle 10g as its database and application server. Being web based,

it allows easy access through Internet Explorer to users from any branch. It

took 16 months for development testing before implementation in live

environment. The web enabled version of the software was rolled across the bank

branches in December 2005.

PMS server layout