Novoflex Cord Organix

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Take a look at the back of your PC, and you’ll see a jumble of cable and cords hanging from various ports and peripherals. Novoflex Cord Organix is a collection of straps and cable clamps that help you tie up this mess of wires, whether from your PC or other equipment, and keep your workplace tidy. 

The package consists of various components, including management straps, adjustable clamps,

self-adhesive hanger clips, and cord identifier labels, that help keep your workspace clean and organized. The management strap can be used to tie bundles of loose wires, for example, all the cables going into the power plugs from your PC. The adjustable clamp lets you roll and tie the long cables, such as those of your mouse or keyboard. The self-adhesive cable hanger clip can be used on any surface, for example tables, walls, etc, to fix the cables and guide them to their appropriate places. Cord identifier labels help you label all your cables and ports for later identification. All the components are reusable, and come in sufficient numbers, so that a single pack can suffice for two PCs.