NUU Mobiles Plans to be in every corner of the country

Anushruti Singh
New Update
Nuu Mobiles in India

In a one on one with PC Quest Sarabjeet Singh Saluja, Director — NUU Mobile India talks about plans for India operations


Sarabjeet Singh Saluja, Director — NUU Mobile India

As a newcomer in Indian Market, what will be your distribution and channel strategy?

We are focused purely on offline market. Our products are available in stores. We believe in distribution network and currently we are tied up with 200 distribution partners in India. And soon we will be in tier 1 and tier 2 cities. Basically we came with the legacy of 40 years with a very good experience in business. We have been in different market and in history if you will check for Nuu mobile wherever we stepped in we never stepped back. We have a longer plan and we have a longer strategy.

Any plans for manufacturing unit in India?

We are a US based company and our existing R&D team is working since last 6 months on the designs specifically for the Indian Market. We are coming up with a new service where the customer will get service from every part of the country. We will hire around 800-900 distributors by December. And soon we will open our channels in northeast also. We are a core distribution company we don’t believe on ND’s and we want to be in every local corner of the country.

Are there any plans to rope in brand ambassador?

Yes off course we have multiple thoughts for branding our product in different ways. We are working on that. But it’s too early to talk about a brand ambassador. May be it will get planned in future. We have launched our products let’s see how they work out and soon there will be two more models that would be under 20K only.

What are your strategies in terms of price point?

We have different price plans for our different products. It’s all depends on the segment you want to be. We don’t want to be into the version. We want to give a quality product.

What is your marketing strategy?

We do our business more than 80% through traditional channel. Our existing R&D team is working since last 6 months on the designs specifically for the Indian Market. We are keen to open up our R&D infrastructure in India in near future. Our aim is to become the most trusted smartphone manufacturer who provides customers with solutions and technology that meets their needs.

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