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The effect that the movie Avatar- in its 3D rendition had has been etched in the minds of movie goers, children and adults alike. The 3rd dimension in viewing instills a sense of being involved with the screenplay as an observer. With the advent of more and more 3D screens in TVs and laptops, it is imperative that enough content be available in 3D which may spur a revolution in terms of buying these 3D screens for homes. Obviously, creating 3D content is much more time consuming and expensive. NVIDIA has made an attempt to bring this 3rd dimension to the consumer in a more frequently usable format.

3DTV Play software lets you connect a compatible NVIDIA GeForce GPU-powered PC or notebook to 3D TVs for viewing upcoming Blu-ray 3D movies, view digital 3D photographs, and even watch streaming 3D movies and play 3D games as well. The active-shutter glasses bundled with each Viera full HD 3D TV, work seamlessly with NVIDIA GPUs and off-the-shelf PC gaming titles and other 3D entertainment content. The software and NVIDIA graphics drivers have the capability to convert 2D games into stereoscopic 3D in real time. The software will enable gamers to play up to 400 supported games. The games don’t need any conversion or patches and will work right out of the box.

The 3DTV Play technology works on HDMI 1.4 connection. Similar to other 3D technologies, you need to wear appropriate 3D glasses (either active-shutter or passive polarized glasses) for that brand of 3D TV in order to enjoy the full 3D high-def images or video. The 3DTV Play software is able to convert in real time for any of the supported 400 game titles into 3D. Previously, 3D Vision buyers have to use the certified 3D Vision displays and glasses if they wanted to play games with NVIDIA’s 3D Vision. Now their standalone 3D TVs will also work with 3D Vision with the help of 3DTV Play software. Existing NVIDIA 3D Vision users can use the software for free whereas for the others it can be acquired at a price of $40 (Rs 1800).

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