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NVidia 7800GTX 512 MB Gaming Card
Rs 53,950
Key Specs:
550 MHz clock speed, 512MB GDDR3 RAM
Zebronics, Chennai. 
Tel: 044 26616202. 
RQS# E53 or SMS 131253 to 9811800601

NVIDIA has released an update of its powerful gaming
card-the 7800GTX 512MB. No wonder if it’s the fastest graphics card on the
planet as of writing this review. It runs fairly cool due to its massive
heatsink and large fan, which displaces more air while it spins at a low speed.
The heatsink is big enough to completely cover an adjacent PCI slot. We used the
coolbits registry tweak to overclock the core speed card to 621 MHz and the
memory to 1.83 GHz. We tested it on the latest ASUS A8Nx32-SLI motherboard,
powered by an AMD Athlon X2 4800+, 1GB DDR 400 and a 7200 RPM 120 GB Seagate
SATA drive.

With 3DMark 05 running, it gave us an unbelievable score of
10,194 3DMarks- unbelievable as at one time two 7800GTs on the same hardware
gave us a score just above 11,000.

We then ran Doom3 with 4xAA and got a whopping score of 115
fps. The 16xAA yielded a whopping 75 fps while with Far Cry, at 4x AA and 8x AF,
we got 92 fps. We then put it through some Splinter Cell Chaos Theory demos at
4xAA, and the card once again gave a thumping 59 fps. Finally, we ran Need For
Speed. We played the game with all graphics set at their maximum.

The card gave excellent graphics quality (even the droplets
of rain on the car’s windshield were visible).

Bottom Line: This card is not meant for everybody,
which is quite obvious going by its price. The icing on the cake is that it’s
an SLI card, and we really dream to see how two of these would perform.

NVIDIA Graphics Card Scores
  7800GTX 512MB 7800GT SLI
3DMark 05 10194 11065
Doom3 115 106.4
Far Cry 92 85.4
Splinter Cell 59 83.4

Varun Dubey

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