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We often come across “overrated” UPSs–such as a “625 VA model”
that doesn’t even handle 500 VA. But in this higher range, we had vendors insisting
that they purposely underrate their models. That is, a 1 kVA-rated UPS could handle
a higher load…in fact, Next Generation Business Power Systems insisted that its 1 kVA
unit would pass our 1.4 kVA tests and more. Another vendor, DB Powerware, sent in a 1.2
kVA model…

So, while keeping them out of the shootout, we decided to subject both models to our
tests, starting with the 1.4 kVA full-load qualifying test. Both units performed well,
passing the qualifying test as well as other tests used for 1.5 kVA UPSs.

PowerServer NG30

1 kVA UPS exceeds its spec

This 1000 VA online UPS running on four 12 V, 7 AH batteries was able to sustain our test
load and provide a backup for about four minutes. This load exceeds the rated load of the
UPS. This model was even able to cold-start this load! The NG30 provided a very
well-regulated 225 V output at varied input voltages. As an online UPS, switchover was
smooth and trouble-free. There’s provision for extended back-up too. The UPS comes
with a one-year warranty.

Type: 1000 VA online
Price: Rs 39,500
Backup: 3.8 min at 1.12 kVA
No of batteries: 4 (12 V, 7 AH, external)
Voltage regulation: 225 V constant

ups-5.GIF (18122 bytes)
12a1.JPG (11888 bytes)
Vector Pro (VP11)

The Vector Pro is a 1200 VA online UPS with two, 12 V, 42 AH external batteries. It was
able to sustain our 1120 VA load for an amazing 30 minutes. This is the load that we used
to test backup time for the entire shootout, and is 80% of 1400 VA. For this unit, it is
93%, which shows a high “headroom” capacity and overall efficiency. The model
presents a near unity power factor to incoming supply. It also provided constant 228 V
output at all input voltages. There’s a user-friendly LCD panel that displays input
voltage, DC voltage, battery backup time in minutes, output voltage, output current in
percentage and output frequency.

Type: 1200
VA online
Price: Rs 45,000
Backup: 29.7 min
No of batteries: 2 (12 V, 42 AH, external)
Voltage regulation: 228 V constant

ups-12.JPG (8452 bytes)
4a1.JPG (11667 bytes)

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