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Project Specs

Project Head: Rakesh Asthana, Commissioner of Police
Implementation Partner: Innovative Telecom & Softwares Pvt. Ltd.
Deployment Location: Surat Police HQ
Best IT round cleared: Semi-Finalist


The Problem: Frequent threat to citizens at large prompted the technology involvement for home security and the city exhorted help from relevant technology players to set up systems that will help to keep an eye upon and ensure quick response to any unforeseen event. This would also ensure smooth running of Law & Order machinery and prevent crime which has become a challenge for the Surat city. Managing and monitoring City Facility Management and Municipal activities was also a requirement alongwith tackling the uncivil issues in the city.

The Solution: Ring-fencing of the city was conceptualised through installation and commissioning of surveillance cameras. The project was subcategorized into different phases. Under Phase I, around 104 cameras are installed at core public places and every doorway of the city. They further plan to install around 5000 cameras covering almost every street and lane of the city. A Command & Control Center (CCC) equipped with 280 sq. ft. Video Wall to monitor the real-time stream recordings from cameras at various city locations has been setup.

The Result: Due to the constant supervision of the working of traffic police and utility service providers, the traffic nuisance has been controlled. There is 80% reduction in routine crime.

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