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OmniMonitor is an agentless monitoring appliance which can monitor IT
infrastructure such as servers, network devices, operating systems and
applications as well as application components. Interestingly Omnitech, its
vendor, doesn’t sell this appliance. They provide it as a solution and charge
customers on a monthly basis. OmniMonitor uses agentless architecture i.e. you
don’t have to go and install agents on your production systems. It achieves
the monitoring task by logging into different systems as a user or through
standard protocols. The appliance itself is like a small PC at its core, running
Windows Server 2003 and Mercury’s SiteScope as its monitoring software.
Incidentally SiteScope is also a commercial product that can be purchased
separately but if you don’t want to go through the hassle of configuring and
implementing it then OmniMonitor is a good choice.

Price: Upto Rs 50,000 per month for 100 points
Meant For: Enterprises
Key Specs: Server, network, database monitoring, instant alerts through e-mail and SMS
Pros: Agentless monitoring, offered as a service, so you don’t have to worry about configuration and implementation.
Cons: None
Contact: Omnitech Infosolutions, Mumbai Tel: 40956666 E-mail: 
RQS# E62 or SMS Buy 131162 to 6677

To understand the OmniMonitor service model, let’s take a typical situation
where a single server needs to be monitored for about 5 parameters like CPU
utilization, disk space, memory utilization, etc. Here, one parameter is like
one point. According to Omnitech, about 20 servers can be monitored under 100
points but, it really depends on how many parameters you choose for monitoring.
If you exceed more than 100 points, you’ll have to shell out Rs. 30,000 per
month for every additional 100 points.

OmniMonitor’s configuration, status and reports can be seen through a web
browser. It can also send screenshots of reports through email. OmniMonitor also
provides real time alerts through e-mail, SMS and sound. For SMS alerts, the
company provides you a special cellphone. Unfortunately we got only the
appliance for review, so we couldn’t check out this feature.

The device also provides mail monitoring services which include Mail Traffic
Monitoring, MAPI Services Monitoring for MS Exchange etc. Its Mail Monitor
checks the Mail Server and verifies if the mail server is accepting requests or
not and also verifies that a message can be sent and retrieved. For web servers
it provides FTP Access Monitoring, URL content Monitoring, web server
availability (URL and link check), performance and load statistics. It also
provides Citrix and SAP server availability and performance monitoring. For
Windows it provides performance monitoring, Lightweight Directory Monitoring,
proactive fault management etc.

Coming to Network monitoring, it can monitor SNMP-enabled network appliances
such as routers and switches for bandwidth as well as performance parameters. It
also provides SNMP framework based Reporting where SNMP Trap Monitor watches for
SNMP Traps, and as and when received, it reports the network problems instantly.
In our tests the product gave a good performance. Once implemented it monitored
the devices continuously and it was able to raise alerts as soon as the server
exceeded from the threshold levels we set up.

Bottom Line: Overall OmniMonitor is a useful service to help you
reduce network downtime. But its price is something you would want to evaluate.

Swapnil Arora

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