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new Disaster Recovery (DR) solution REVIVE over cloud computing
technology offers


billing model, thereby reducing capital expenditure by eliminating
the need of dedicated disaster recovery hardware and software, IT
staff and other operational costs, all of which are required in a
traditional DR setup!

the ability to take snapshots of the workload (OS, Application
and Data) and recover it through a cloud-based model. A scheduled
replication of production site workload takes place on OmniCloud in a
highly secured environment through encryption. In the event of a
disaster, you can have your critical business processes
up-and-running by invoking COB (Continuity of Business) request.
Resources on OmniCloud such as processing power, memory and storage,
required to run your critical and predefined application load will be
made available.

in India, on an average, spend nearly INR 35 lakhs as an
upfront technology investment for a basic captive traditional
Disaster Recovery plan. This includes recurring annual expenses such
as electricity, Infrastructure, maintenance, IT staff and other
miscellaneous expenses. Through REVIVE, EMERGING ENTERPRISES can now
save up to 40 percent of the overall costs for its DR plans, which
will be reflected as an operational expense after deploying cloud

launch of REVIVE is the first initiative undertaken by the company on
a cloud platform. Moving forward, Omnitech expects to offer a gamut
of cloud services to nearly 80 percent of its existing customers in
next three years by bundling its cloud offerings with multi-years
contracts signed for its traditional technology offerings.

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