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Locate laptop is simple to install. Once installed, it immediately connects to
its server and asks you to register yourself on its website. Here, it also asks
for the brand name of the laptop, along with its serial number. After
registration it also asks you, if you want to encrypt any specific folders.

Once the setup is completed, you can login to its Web portal and view the
laptop statistics, i.e. date it was connected to Internet and the IP address.
One advantage here is that, this solution also shows country, region, city, ISP
name, organization name the ISP belongs to as well as the longitude and

You can report about the theft from its web portal and provide details such
as date and time when the laptop was stolen. Besides, you can also provide other
details like city, state and country from where the laptop was stolen along with
a copy of FIR.

Some Others Solutions

GadgetTrak offers various products to track laptops. It offers PC-Trak for
Windows ad MacTrack for OS X. It also provides separate solutions to track
iPhone, iPod Touch, Windows mobile and Blackberry. GadgetTrak offers unique
solutions such as image capture from webcam and Flickr integration, advance
Wi-Fi positioning. For smartphones, it has features like remotely wipe
device and media card, GPS and cell based tracking, Remote all back, SMS
notification on SIM change etc. It’s iPone and iPod Touch application is
available for free while the blackberry and Windows mobile edition is priced
at USD 24.95.

A.L.A.R.M. A Laptop A/C Removal Monitor

This is a free and open source solution for Windows XP and above. It’s
basically a A/C Removal monitor. If the laptop is locked and its A/C power
is removed, it immediately plays a loud alarm as a theft protection.

Once installed it will ask you to register for its service. It offers monthly
subscription at $2.99 and annual service at $29.99. It also offers a 3-day trial
for free. Once registered on their website, you need to login to the agent with
the username and password you provided at the time of registration. Next, you
would need to register the device at Trackion’s website. During registration,
you would need to provide the make, model as well as the serial number of your
laptop. It also gives the option of notification every time the IP changed. You
can also see current location of your laptop by logging into its website. And of
course, you can report about theft of your laptop on their website, where it
will also ask you to provide date and other details.

During installation itself, locatePC asks you to configure its password. After
installation, first thing you need to do is to configure its email. It allows
users to choose whether email should be sent to owner, whenever the IP address
changes or every day etc. Unlike other solutions, it comes with a console which
remains hidden when themachine boots, but can be accessed by pressing
Alt+Shift+home. Unlike other solutions, you don’t have to register on its
portal, to make the solution work. However, one disadvantage is that you are
only relying on the agent to email you, as it won’t be calling its server to
give its current IP address. If you are looking for a free tracking solution,
then LocatePC is a good choice.

LocateMyLaptop provides a few innovative features such as viewing laptop’s
location on Google map, shred data on the laptop remotely and safe-IP list. In
safe-IP list, user can specify the IP from which the laptop usually connects to
as a trusted IP. It also allows to see laptop’s configuration remotely. The
solution comes in both free as well as paid version. In paid version, you get
all the above mentioned features. It offers various pricing plans, for instance,
for 1year plan, you need to shell out USD33 for 1 user.

We tried its free version. In the free version, it allows users to access
agent call-in reports and view laptops location on Google maps. Using the
solution is easy, you first need to register yourself on its website and then
download the agent. Once installed, the agent automatically calls back to the
server and gives its IP address. All these information can be viewed by logging
to its portal.

To get started, you need to sign up on the AssetTrax portal. Installing the
agent is simple. It supports Win XP, Vista 2003 as well as server 2008 and
windows 7. Tracking can be done by logging to AsseTrax portal. Here, it provides
details such as external IP, computer username, domain name, internal IP along
with the date and time when the agent connected to the AsseTrax. For one year of
service, you need to shell out USD 25.

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