Opera Joins Microsoft, Google Race, Integrating AI Services to its Browser

Despite the fact that 2023 has only just begun, it already seems as though artificial intelligence will rule this year

Kapish Khajuria
New Update

Despite the fact that 2023 has only just begun, it already seems as though artificial intelligence will rule this year. The emergence of Artificial Intelligence has been all that businesspeople can speak about since Microsoft and Google launched their AI-powered solutions.


In the near future, Opera will integrate AI into its content apps and online browsers. Opera has now jumped on the AI bandwagon. The integration of AI-generated content services into Opera's browsers is covered in detail in this article.

The incorporation of AI-generated content (AIGC) services into Opera's desktop and mobile browsers was made public in a company blog post.

Additionally, the company is "taking steps to expand its existing AI programme into AIGC for its browser, news, and gaming products through its solutions and new and existing partnerships." This is being done through the company's solutions.


A new sidebar feature for Opera has been announced. Summaries of articles and webpages can be created using the ChatGPT-powered "shorten" tool. A brief demonstration video of how ChatGPT will be integrated into the browser is also included in the blog.

In a blog post, Opera's Co-CEO Song Lin stated, "We have always been at the forefront of browser innovation" over the past 25 years. By inventing browser tabs or providing our users with built-in access to generative AI tools, we constantly push the web's boundaries. We believe that now is the time for browsers to take the lead and serve as the entry point to a web powered by AI, given the widespread interest in generative AI tools.

“We see the emergence of Generative Intelligence as the beginning of a new future in which consumer app developers, such as Opera, will be able to construct experiences on top of AI-based platforms,” the company states.

Opera's Head of Strategic Partnerships and AI ecosystem, Per Wetterdal, added, "We are excited to see the rapid rollout of developer programs for solutions like Google Bard, for example, and are beginning to build and roll out new experiences in web browsing that seemed impossible not long ago."

However, not all users have yet access to the brand-new Open AI feature.