Oplus Xonpad 7 review

S Aadeetya
New Update

Oplus is the latest name that is looking to grab some pie out of the market. The company launched its Xonpad 7 which will be vying for recognition in the budget segment at sub Rs 10,000 pricing.


What is it all about?

Without going much into the hardware specs, the tablet possesses basic features i.e. 7 inch 1280x800 pixels display, Android 4.2 version, quad-core processor, dual-facing cameras and voice-calling support among others. For its pricing, the tablet offers pretty everthing one desires in addition to the calling/3G support that makes it a viable on-the-go calling option as well.

Design and Performance

In terms of looks, the Xonpad 7 is a mixture of good with bad. The body feels sturdy while holding it and while the front side is built average plastics, the rear panel has a more durable feeling to it with its metallic finish which has been kept non-removable due to some reasons. The display at 1280x800 pixels is not the brightest and after watching some videos, playing games we come to the conclusion that content looks washed out on the display. Thanks to the quad-core chipset the tablet managed to come through multi-tasking operation unscathed even though we did observe little lags here and there, which is nothing to worry about. \

The cameras on Xonpad 7 are strictly average and just come as a bonus on the tablet without really making much of an impact. The calling quality and 3G connectivity did not pose any issue and gave us good results. All said, the most obvious drawback of the Xonpad 7 is the battery, which for a calling device is not at all well-equipped to last an entire day. During our tests (HD videos at full brightness on Wi-Fi till the device juices out) the tablet lasted a mere 3 and half hours, dissapointing to say the least. In terms of benchmarks it scored;AnTuTu: 13270, Quadrant: 4120, 3Dmark11 Ice Storm:3108 and Vellamo HTML5: 1419.