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Ever wondered why your system

appears to doze off after you have worked on it for some time! Programs or
an application not vacating memory on your computer even after they have been
closed cause these niggles on your computer. Other reasons include: initiating
an application that is memory hungry or applications that swallow huge amounts
of memory to initialize and execute. FreeRAM XP Pro is a freeware memory
optimization tool from YourWare Solutions that can be a good remedy for these
issues. This program defrags and compresses the data in physical and virtual
memory locations. It also performs load-balancing between your RAM and page
file, letting programs utilize these resources more efficiently. Using the tool
at the right time is important for getting the best results. 

Desktop PC users
Improves system performance by optimizing system memory
memory optimization tools

You can use it
either to free up memory resources after you’ve closed a memory-intensive
application or to increase available memory before launching some application.





Your system gets slower when the amount of loaded applications and their memory usage crosses a hidden system threshold. You can monitor this from Task Manager


Select the ‘Try to free…’ option to specify the amount of memory you want to free. Otherwise, select ‘Autofree’ to let the tool do this automatically
3 When you click on the Go button on the previous screen, you get this report with details on memory compaction


The tool has increased the available memory and optimized the memory utilization in the page file (virtual memory)

Anadi Misra

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