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SBI Life Insurance's Disaster Recovery Process Automation. Location: Mumbai & Hyderabad

SBI Life wanted to test the DR Automation tool to provide functionality for real time monitoring and reporting of the DR setup, Application Switchover /Switchback drill as well as during a disaster invocation. SBI Life chose Sanovi's best practices DR automation library to build its DR solution. Sanovi DRM gives good quality of reports like replication dashboard, running RPO & RTO, DR drill process reports & data lag report, which gives a clear picture of Disaster Recovery readiness. Kundan Patil, Lead-Applications Infrastructure & Design In house
SBI's Business Continuity Management System. Location: Navi Mumbai Planning for business continuity to address the complex combination of technology, IT applications, processes and vendors to provide uninterrupted banking services to the customers across the globe with zero data loss was the problem faced by the bank. Bank has decided to establish a world class Business Continuity Plan and implement an efficient Business Continuity Management System to address the challenges arising out of - vast branch network, limitation of IT Solutions, volume of transactions, variety of customer services, dependency on technology partners as well as natural disasters and disruption caused by support services. The BCMS implementation has resulted in moving towards a seamless Business Continuity process across the bank transparent to the end users and customers. A Krishna Kumar, Dy MD-IT BCMI
LSI's IT LAB Infrastructure design. Location: Bangalore Sudden business growth put pressure on the IT infrastructure which needs expansion with faster deployment as downtime avaliable was minimal. Also there was a need to have real time availabilty on space, rack level load ,cooling predictibility so that racks can be allocated to the respective depatments on demand. Due to the deployment of new in row modular, predictable technology of chilled water cooling and modular power above points were taken care along with 15 to 20% energy saving due. Mr Srinivas G, Lab Head APC by Schneider Electric
Omni Infoword's On Line Implementation of CMPFO. Location: Ranchi It was a big challange to make EPF information online for labourers in Jharkhand. The project includes: 1. Setup of Data Center 2. Implementation of ERP (SAP) 3. Online information availability of PF details on KIOSK. 4. Clearance of Back Log. This entire project was more than a dream for a labour-class parson, who was paying bribe to even know how much money is being deposited in their account. Now through KIOSK, this information can be got easily in seconds. Sanjay K Jha, Director Omni Infoword Pvt Ltd
Yes Bank's Sync-Split. Location: Mumbai To keep pace with the growing business and ensure minimum downtime in a data loss / corruption state, they designed a new storage solution, focusing on reducing the RTO / RPO for the bank. The challenge was to ensure maximum uptime, for the CORE Banking system, planning for the worst case scenario, e.g. complete data loss, data corruption, etc. They moved to the Sync / Split solution, which provide the following benefits: 1. Multiple database copies generated at different intervals. 2. Restore of database from crash within 15 mins, using reverse resync 3. Provide near real-time data to extract data for business reports. Mitesh Tolia, Sr VP Hitachi
Essar Information Technology's Virtual Desktop Implementation. Location: Mumbai This project was driven by the need by the Spend Management team to secure the critical data that is currently present on the desktops and laptops of the employees as well as provide the employees with the ability and flexibility to have anytime, anywhere and secure access to the data. Post deployment there is enhanced information security as all data lies on the server. There is optimal utilization of resources due to dynamic allocation of CPU and Memory in Server due to VMware. ­­. Gaurang Doshi, Project Mgr — IT IBM
Doshion's Server Virtualization. Location: Ahmedabad They used Intel server processors with virtualization built in, such as the Intel Xeon processor 5600 series, the Xeon processor 7500 series, and the Itanium processor 9300 series, to get the most out of virtualization, These hardware-assist features accelerate fundamental virtualization processes throughout the platform to reduce latencies and avoid potential bottlenecks. Now they have the ability to migrate live applications across server nodes and even across local or wide area networks. Ramesh M Jidiya, Manager In-house