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Imagine a service delivery scenario where you are working from home, armed
with a PC/laptop, and your job involves on-demand service and maintenance for
your company’s customers, who might be located anywhere in the world. How do you
miss out on these advantages and still expect to perform dynamic service and
maintenance for domain-specific topics? Simple. You re-create the customer’s
desktop, observe the problem more closely, use your diagnosis tools, if need be,
speak to the customer and solve his service problem real-time.

Jethin Chandran
General Manager- IT Planning, Wipro

To make this possible, Wipro has created a tool called FlexDelivery. The
project stems out of the fact that domain-specific service can be provided, with
flexible manpower — in time and space. In other words, an employee of Wipro
might handle a different portfolio, but if he is identified with having
competency in a specific domain area, he/she can be located anywhere in the
globe, and still be able to address the service problem. Wipro has started this
option for its trusted customers, after ensuring no leakage of data and
exclusive and faster service delivery. At last count, a little less than 300 of
such domain experts are working-from-home or from offices located in places like
Coimbatore, Surat and other tier II and Tier III cities across India. Wipro
plans to expand this number to 1000 in its first phase before embarking on
FlexDelivery program to more customers. The FlexDelivery model, according to
Wipro, was formulated with an aim to virtualize service delivery in the complete
sense of the word. Virtualization of services by Wipro includes options of
remote working, promoting working from home concept. The concept of Flexdelivery
goes a step further and claims to be scalable for equally efficient performance
in smaller cities where experts might be located. Wipro also claims that this
model can be replicated for routine maintenance of customer-side products.

The biggest challenge for a project like FlexDelivery was more along moral
grounds, which translates to acceptance of the solution from customers — mostly
to do with security of data and quality of service if the support executive is
not present in a service delivery group environment.

Company Scenario
Before Deployment
  • Service delivery team of Wipro had to operate from office premises
After Deployment
  • Wipro currently has 300 domain-specific remote service delivery
    experts who are located in small towns or work out of home

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