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Integrating the employees of an organization onto a common platform not only
helps the organization keep a one view on them, but also simplifies the human
resource management problem to a large extent. ICICI Bank is one such
organization which had faced problems in coping with legacy systems which were
causing major mismanagement. Absconding employees had been costing the company
dearly. The bank has branches in 18 different countries which are spread across
four continents. Manual HR systems were followed in most of the countries.
Essentially the branches are operational at different times because of their
existence in different time zones. Some of these countries are in the gulf
region too, which work on Sundays, when the rest of the world enjoys a holiday.

The requirement
Thus there was a requirement of implementing a HRMS system for 36000
employees which should be 24×7 and have an uptime of almost 100%.  Also, the
labour laws, rules, regulation and year end calendars being different for all
countries make the requirements very complex. There were more than 50 legacy
systems which needed to be integrated on a common dashboard environment.  ICICI
Bank is expecting around 2.7 lakh new applicants in the financial year 2010-2011
for its various positions. The bank wants to be able to manage these people and
various other vacancies in a better and planned manner. They wanted to cover and
maintain the complete HR-Lifecycle of an employee from recruitment to

Other Finalists

Company Scenario
Before Deployment
  • Various manual and partly automated systems for managing the HR
After Deployment
  • Automated the complete HR life cycle of 36000
    employees in one system.

  • Provision for handling the expected 2.7 lakh resumes
    this financial year.

Project Head
  • Indranil Ghosh AGM
implementation partner

The solution
To counter these problems, ICICI implemented a customized solution from IBM
known as the PeopleSoft9.0 HRMS system. They deployed the system in one instance
for the whole of its workforce. With this, they have been able to cover and
maintain  complete HR-Life cycle of an employee from recruitment to
resignation.  The total process of employee on-boarding and providing network
authentication, email-id creation, assignment to department and designation,
intimation, etc happens within the system.

To be able to deploy and manage this system, ICICI is using 8 instances App
Server, 5 Database Servers, 1 High end servers. These were Solaris servers.
Physical load balancer is also used to be able to manage the varying load from
time to time.

The deployment of this HRMS system has been majorly fruitful for the
organization. Apart from fulfilling the business requirements for which the
project was conceptualized and implemented, there have been other benefits from
it too. Some of the indirect benefits include Rs 14 crores cost savings in
various HR processes across 9  HR functions, cost savings by accurate ‘Loss of
Pay’ & absconding process recoveries of Rs 2.5 crores. They have  reached break
even within 1.5 years of going live. Drastic reduction in TAT of 72 hours in the
recruitment process alone. Employee are able to concentrate on their work
properly since system is providing them end-to-end functionality for their HR
work flow needs.

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