Other Products

Seagate Cheetah XL

July 7, 2000

A fast, 18 GB SCSI drive for high-throughput applications

BeOS Personal Edition

July 7, 2000

A freely downloadable operating system that runs under Windows.

The ISP Shootout

July 7, 2000

We check out the services of 32 ISPs in nine cities across the country, to answer the question in any surfer’s mind – which ISP should you go in for?


July 7, 2000

Satyam and Sigma Online emerge toppers

ISP Shootout: Pune

July 7, 2000

Mantra is the ISP of choice for its good transfer rates, followed by Satyam

ISP Shootout: Trivandrum

July 7, 2000

Satyam leaves VSNL and Dishnet way behind in service levels

ISP Shootout: The Winners

July 7, 2000

The winners in each of the nine cities.

ISP Shootout: Chandigarh

July 6, 2000

Glide emerges as the clear winner

ISP Shootout: Chennai

July 6, 2000

Mantra wins by dint of good transfer rates, Satyam and Sigma follow close behind

ISP Shootout: New Delhi

July 6, 2000

VSNL beats the rest in terms of transfer rates, followed by Sampark Online with good connects and a helpful helpdesk

ISP Shootout:How we Tested

July 6, 2000

The PCQ team travels across nine cities, to test the state of Internet Service in the country

ISP Shootout:Hyderabad

July 6, 2000

With its good transfer rates, Sigma Online scores over VSNL and City Online

ISP Shootout: Bangalore

June 30, 2000

Among the 11 ISPs we tested, Pacific Internet and Wipro-Net emerge as the best bet

Laser Wars

June 20, 2000

PCQ Labs tests eight workgroup laser printers.

The Winners

June 19, 2000

Epson EPL-N2010 
A printer with good print speeds but didn’t do very well in our quality tests

Panasonic CW-7502-B

June 19, 2000

An entry-level CD-Writer that’s priced well

Plexwriter W124Tsi

June 19, 2000

An extremely fast, but expensive drive, ideal for multimedia designers 

HP CD-Writer Plus 9310i

June 19, 2000

A good drive for CD duplication, data storage, and backups

HP CD-Writer Plus 8210e

June 19, 2000

An external plug-n-play USB drive for easy backups