Other Products

LG CDE-8808B

June 19, 2000

An average performer on all counts

Yamaha CRW8242S-NB

June 19, 2000

A mid-range SCSI drive, good for CD duplication

Yamaha CRW8424E-VK

June 19, 2000

A CD-ReWriter with fast writes

The CD-ReWriter Tests

June 19, 2000

Eight CD-ReWriters and CD-Writers are tested to find out which one you should choose

Other Participants

June 12, 2000

HP LaserJet 2100TN:
A good printer for high-end graphics printing but at a high price tag

How we Tested

June 12, 2000

The laser printers were put through rigorous testing to rate them on performance, price, and features

DAX Internal Instant-On Modem

May 11, 2000

A low-cost modem with stable connects and good throughput

Apex Drives 

May 11, 2000

A CD-ReWriter and CD drive that are good buys for their price and performance

Intel 820 Motherboard

May 1, 2000

SDRAM support, faster AGP bus, plenty of room for expansion. Average in performance with SDRAM

BeOS Personal Edition

May 1, 2000

A freely downloadable operating system that runs under Windows

Windows ME

May 1, 2000

The second beta of this Win 98 upgrade seems more robust and has many new features

IBM ViaVoice

April 9, 2000

Works well, but has a tedious training process

Dragon Naturally Speaking

April 9, 2000

This highly-accurate speech recognition software lets you dictate text, and give voice commands to your PC


April 4, 2000

An easy-to-use software to create and manage your online store

HP e-Vectra

March 12, 2000

A compact PC with good performance and features

ACI Profile III

January 11, 2000

Expensive for its features

Cerebra Notebook

January 11, 2000

Good pricing, could do better on back up

Zenith Corporate Notebook

January 11, 2000

The cheapest and the lightest notebook in its category

Dell Latitude CPt

January 11, 2000

A feature-rich notebook with good overall performance, but at a price