Other Products

HP e-Vectra

March 12, 2000

A compact PC with good performance and features

ACI Profile III

January 11, 2000

Expensive for its features

Cerebra Notebook

January 11, 2000

Good pricing, could do better on back up

Zenith Corporate Notebook

January 11, 2000

The cheapest and the lightest notebook in its category

Dell Latitude CPt

January 11, 2000

A feature-rich notebook with good overall performance, but at a price

Compaq Armada E500

January 11, 2000

A good combination of price, performance and features

Dell Latitude CPx

January 11, 2000

Good configuration, performance and features, but at a hefty price

Acer TravelMate 506DX

January 11, 2000

Cheapest notebook in this shootout, could do with more RAM and backup time

Notebooks ACI Performer II

January 10, 2000

Good for the price, could do with more RAM

Multi-Tech ProxyServer

January 7, 2000

Also a good firewall for small networks

Other Participants

January 6, 2000

HP LaserJet 4050 N
This printer was faster than its rated speed but lost out due to its high price

The Winners

January 6, 2000

With features becoming standardized, hardcore performance and pricing 
determine the winner

SPSS Answer Tree 2

January 5, 2000

A statistical software for classifying and analyzing data, but at a hefty price

NetWare 5.1

January 5, 2000

The latest upgrade is packed with good features and offers much better management

The UPS Tests

January 5, 2000

How we tested the 26 UPSes in our shootout

Aryabhatt Linux

January 4, 2000

India’s first Linux distribution

WinZip 8

January 4, 2000

The latest update of this archiving utility is packed with lots of useful features

MultiVOIP MVP200

January 4, 2000

Use these easy-to-set up modules for voice communication over your existing WAN links

UMAX Astra 2200

January 4, 2000

A scanner with dual-connectivity options and great scans