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e-pad is a digital tablet—an
input device that consists of a pen and a tablet. The tablet is like a
notepad. When you move the pen over the tablet, the cursor on your screen
also moves with it. The pen has a rounded metallic tip. It’s primarily
used for drawing, but can also be used for signing and scribbling comments
on documents. It’s targeted at professional and amateur designers, and
SOHO users. However, it’ll take you some time to get used to the pad.

e-pad has an active area of
15.3×12.8 cm, with a resolution of 10 lines per mm, and is compatible with
Win 3.x/9x/NT. There are five customizable and five preset buttons on either
side of the tablet. Commonly used functions like copy, paste, delete, undo
can be assigned to the customizable buttons. The preset buttons let you
change its settings, without having to go to the Control Panel. There are
two comfortably placed buttons on the pen, which are similar to the left and
right buttons on your mouse.

The tablet is pressure
sensitive. The harder you press the pen on the tablet, the thicker the line,
or higher the density of colors. For its price, it’s a good buy.

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