Bringing the ideas to life faster on the Metaverse

Bringing the ideas to life faster on the Metaverse

by July 27, 2022

Infosys’ Metaverse Foundry services offer businesses the on-demand ability to securely and efficiently create their own metaverse environment by letting them choose from the already existing templates of ...


JBL introduces JBL LIVE Pro 2 headphones in India

by July 26, 2022

JBL expanded its true wireless (TWS) portfolio in India with the launch of JBL LIVE Pro 2 headphones. The JBL Live Pro 2 comes with True Adaptive Noise ...

Six ways 5G Metaverse set to revolutionize life and commerce1

Six ways 5G & Metaverse set to revolutionize life and commerce

by July 26, 2022

5G gives metaverse the founding blocks to realize the vision of bringing physical and digital lives together. Metaverse along with 5G will help businesses build spaces that are ...

The Metaverse can shake up the Digital Commerce forever

The Metaverse can shake up Digital Commerce forever

by July 26, 2022

Even though the Metaverse and Web 3.0 concepts  are still evolving, some of the use-cases like immersive commerce, and NFT-related use-cases look very promising in terms of solving ...

How UI UX designs will shape the Metaverse

How UI/UX designs will shape the Metaverse

by July 26, 2022

Just like architects are responsible for building structures, the furnishing of graphical marvels and other environments is virtually done by the UI and UX designers. They are the ...

Boult Smartwatch launched by Boult Audio 1 1657172005783 16571720215141

Boult Cosmic smartwatch Review: Sleek and affordable in price

by July 25, 2022

There is nothing better than getting a smartwatch that is super convenient to use and which you can rely on very much in your daily activities. Also, accessing your smartphone ...

India poised to be at the center metaverse based gaming

India poised to be at the center of metaverse-based gaming

by July 25, 2022

Being the world’s top gaming market, India will emerge as a hot destination for metaverse apps. Metaverse will not only help the gaming market flourish, but create business ...

XR needs to becomes mainstream to bring the Metaverse

XR needs to become mainstream to bring the Metaverse to the masses

by July 25, 2022

With the use of AR, VR, & XR technologies, the Metaverse can create virtual experiences that feel life-like. We have the hardware to render realistic virtual environments and ...

What Metaverse is what it is not

What Metaverse is & what it is not

by July 25, 2022

One needs to see beyond the cartoonish aesthetic that we come across today in the name of a metaverse experience. The Metaverse won’t just be an arbitrary caricaturist ...

Unveiling the Metaverse architecture layer by layer

Unveiling the Metaverse architecture layer by layer 

by July 25, 2022

The Metaverse platforms are divided into two core types, centralized and decentralized. Before you decide which is a perfect fit for your business, there are many things to ...

Coocaa India Launches Latest Generation of Google TV on Amazon

Coocaa India Launches Latest Generation of Google TV on Amazon

by July 25, 2022

Coocaa smart TVs are loaded with features like 4K HDR, Dolby Audio, and frameless design and eye care technology Coocaa, a global leading smart TV ...

GIZBUD 851 earbuds

Gizmore introduces Made in India earbuds, GIZBUD 809 and GIZBUD 851

by July 22, 2022

Gizmore, smart accessories audio brand has expanded its audio range with the launch of GIZBUD 809 and GIZBUD 851 earbuds. These quality and innovative earbuds are made in ...

ABN07 Neckband

The New ABN07 Neckband introduced by AXL World

by July 22, 2022

The AXL world introduced the ABN07 Neckband which comes up with 22 hours of playtime. The ABN07 delivers incredible stereo sound quality with rich bass, allowing you to immerse ...

ViewSonic XG2431 Gaming Monitor

ViewSonic XG2431 Gaming Monitor with Blur Buster 2.0 Certification

by July 22, 2022

ViewSonic Corp. announced its latest professional gaming monitor XG2431 in India. It will be available in Amazon Prime day sales. Xg2431 is a sleek yet powerful 24-inch display is equipped ...

Dell XPS 13 Plus 9320

Dell XPS 13 Plus 9320: Redefining Style and Innovation

by July 22, 2022

Dell Technologies announced the modern, stylish, and futuristic new XPS 13 Plus 9320 in India. Packed with a 12th Gen Intel Core 28W processor (Up from 15W on the prior ...

RoomBook Plus

Panasonic launches RoomBook Plus, a meeting room management solution

by July 21, 2022

Panasonic India, launched an intelligent meeting room management solution (MRMS), RoomBook Plus, to help organizations efficiently manage workspace usage. The solution offers integrated (both hardware and software) capabilities that assist to optimize ...

Google Pixel 6a

Google Pixel 6a is launched in India at a price of Rs 39,999, with Tensor chipset

by July 21, 2022

Google pixel 6a has been introduced in India, today and will be live on sale at the launching price of Rs 39,999. Although it is starting at a price of ...

Boult Drift

Boult Drift Smartwatch Review: An all-rounder fitness tracking accessory

by July 20, 2022

In this era of gadget-friendly and fitness enthusiasts, smartwatches are something you can't miss out on, especially in this ongoing pandemic, where everyone is conscious of their health and want ...

fashion technology

The role of technology in the fashion industry

by July 19, 2022

Fashion technology is witnessing unprecedented growth at a faster pace than ever. From the inception of sewing machines to temperature-regulating fabrics to the latest incredible concept of metaverse stores, fashion ...

Oppo Reno 8 series

Oppo introduces new premium mid-range Reno 8 series: Reno 8 and Reno 8 Pro

by July 19, 2022

Oppo has finally introduced Reno 8 series to India. A mid-range segment that includes Reno 8 and Reno 8 pro, Reno 8 being the more affordable one and the other ...