U&i Pencil Multifunctional Speaker

U&i Launches “Pencil”- Multi-functional 6 in 1 speaker

by March 23, 2020

U&i has launched “Pencil” Multi-Functional 6 in 1 Bluetooth Speaker in the market. A must-have for trekking and cycling enthusiasts who would love to flaunt the smart device and would like ...

Upcoming games

Upcoming games of 2020 (April-September)

by March 23, 2020

For the first time in years, we have a lot of times on our hands to play a lot of video games. And this year probably has one of ...

Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs and The Stanley Parable are free on Epic Store

by March 20, 2020

Coronavirus Pandemic has locked all of us down in our homes. It can get really hard to spend your time but playing video games can be the best way ...

ZOOOK Party Rocker –Bluetooth Speaker

ZOOOK unveils Party Rocker –first-of-its-kind Bluetooth Party Speaker

by March 20, 2020

ZOOOK introduces a brand-new concept with the launch of Party Rocker. This powerful speaker that needs only a space of a chair can transform your house party into a concert. About ...

STMicroelectronics logo

STMicroelectronics launches its first STM32L5 micro-controller

by March 20, 2020

STMicroelectronics has introduced the STM32L5x2 series of ultra-low-power microcontrollers (MCUs) featuring security as a highlight. To provide better security for IoT connected applications. About STM32L5x2 series:

Cognitive collaboration taking over physical and virtual meetings 

by March 20, 2020

Soma Tah       With geographical boundaries no longer a barrier for work, virtual meetings and remote collaboration are becoming the new norms. Hence, ...

Optimizing collaboration investments is crucial for organizations

by March 20, 2020

Soma Tah       Ankur Goel, Managing Director of Poly India explains why instead of building large conference rooms, organizations these days prefer to invest ...

In quest of Sentient, Unified, and Seamless collaborative experience 

by March 19, 2020

Soma Tah       Rajendran Dandapani, Director of Zoho University tells why the collaboration tools that promote flat hierarchies, frictionless sharing of vision ...


Razer converts their manufacturing lines to make surgical masks

by March 19, 2020

Coronavirus has been wreaking havoc across the world. Amid the crises, there have been shortages of essential products, like tissue papers. Even Surgical masks across the world are in ...

Cutting down on the ‘Work around work’

by March 19, 2020

Soma Tah        Employees want to spend the majority of their time doing the actual work and not on doing ...

Weaving a collaborative culture into the organizational fabric

by March 19, 2020

Soma Tah         Mujiruddin Shaikh, Market Tech Principal, ThoughtWorks India explains how a collaborative culture accelerates the value creation process in any organization, both internally and ...

PS 5 Specs

Sony announces PS5 specs

by March 18, 2020

The next generation of consoles is upon us. Just a couple of days ago, Microsoft revealed the specifications for Xbox Series X. And now last night, their competitor Sony ...

Leica M10 Monochrom

Leica launches its latest M10 Monochrom- A Next-gen Camera

by March 18, 2020

Leica Camera presents the new Leica M10 Monochrom. With a newly developed 40-megapixel black-and-white sensor, the next camera generation delivers exceptional pictures that achieve an entirely new level of quality ...

Getac ZX70

New Getac ZX70 G2 Tablet Brings Powerful Mobile Performance to Utilities

by March 18, 2020

Getac has announced the launch of the ZX70 G2, a fully-rugged, highly portable tablet that’s purpose-built to boost productivity and decrease downtime for mobile field professionals in the utilities, manufacturing, ...

GTC 2020

Nvidia postpones their GTC 2020 product announcements

by March 18, 2020

There had been quite a few rumours flying around that Nvidia would announce their next gen GPUs at their GPU Technology Conference (GTC) 2020. Needless to say, the majority ...

internet of things

IoT revolution this decade

by March 18, 2020

From smartphones and smart cars to smart homes and smart voice assistants, modern technology has gone mainstream with deeper integration in everyday life.  The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly ...

Warzone Solo mode

Call of Duty: Warzone Solo mode is now live

by March 17, 2020

CoD’s new free to play Battle Royale, Warzone has become a huge hit. Apparently they were trying for an Apex style release, but their efforts failed with all the ...

STM32CubeMonitor IMAGE

STMicroelectronics Reveals STM32 Cube Monitor with Multi-OS Flexibility

by March 17, 2020

STMicroelectronics Reveals STM32CubeMonitor Runtime Variable Monitoring and Visualization Tool with Multi-OS Flexibility which enables developers to customize the graphical visualization in their OS environment of choice (Windows, Linux, ...

Xbox Series X specs

Xbox Series X specs revealed

by March 17, 2020

Microsoft has been hyping up their upcoming next gen console. And with the revelation of the Xbox Series X specs, the hype is getting even higher. Microsoft revealed it’s

Portronics - Biolock

Portronics Introduces Newly “Biolock” for Smart Homes

by March 17, 2020

Portronics launches Biolock - a smart biometric padlock. The newly launched smart lock is quite sturdy and can be used for various purposes, from locking doors to cabinets to storage ...