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Maintenance and Backup

by July 11, 2001

You have installed your system, configured various services, tested access to the network and the system is ...

Security and Hardening

by July 11, 2001

Security consciousness is a frame of mind and an attitude. In this big bad world, there is ...

Configuring Windows Clients

by July 11, 2001

Now that all the services are in place, we have to configure your Windows clients to use ...

Samba for File and Print

by July 11, 2001

Samba is the brainchild of an Australian named Andrew Tridgell. He needed to run an application which ...

How to setup Squid Proxy Server

July 11, 2001

Vaibhav Sharma, Network Consultant, Exocore Consulting We tell how to install and customize Squid, apply access control restrictions, authenticate users before giving ...

Setting Up a Mail Server

by July 11, 2001

Here, we’ll set up sendmail on the Intranet machine. This is the machine with which all the ...

Configuring the DHCP Server

by July 11, 2001

DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) allows network administrators to dynamically assign network settings to clients that connect ...

Configuring your Machine for DNS

by July 11, 2001

DNS or Domain Name System resolves hostnames such as ‘’ to an IP address such as ‘192. ...

Configuring your Intranet Server

by July 10, 2001

The Intranet server lies inside the firewall and serves clients on the local network. All those services, ...

Configuring the Gateway 

by July 10, 2001

The first server, which we refer to as the gateway in the setup, is the server that ...

Integrating the Servers and LAN

by July 10, 2001

Now that the Gateway server and the Intranet server have been fully configured to support the various ...

Upgrading to PCQ Linux 7.1

by July 10, 2001

Installing a fresh system from scratch can be a very liberating experience, but then there are those ...

Installing your Intranet Server

by July 10, 2001

After installing the Gateway server let’s continue on to the Intranet server. Here the steps to be ...

Choosing your Equipment

by July 10, 2001

The setup we will describe requires at least two servers, and some network equipment. Here is a breakdown of what we need.

Plan of Action

by July 10, 2001

In the following setup and configuration procedures, we have made certain assumptions and policies. These were designed ...

Linux Unleashed

by July 10, 2001

What we have for you in Linux this year is more power-packed than ever before. Starting with ...

Installing a Gateway Server

by July 9, 2001

Linux installations are not as complicated as they once were. At the same time, it is something to be done carefully. Keeping this in mind, let’s now set up an operating system for the gateway server.

Clean that Bug with Linux

by July 7, 2001

How to set up an anti-virus on your Linux mail server to scan all e-mail

Penguin 2k

by July 7, 2001

Linux is gaining wide acceptance with hardware and software vendors, developers, and users

Fine tuning your Linux machine

by July 7, 2001

Some peripheral tweaking tips to get that little extra from your Linux machine