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INDIA Internet

by May 1, 1999

While Indian companies are heading for the Web, several sites are busy covering the elections

How Tiny Can a Graphical OS Get?

by May 1, 1999

QNX is small enough to fit an OS, Web browser, notepad, game and
file manager—on one floppy


by May 1, 1999

A TV set-top box, largely for e-mail

The Zip goes USB

by May 1, 1999

Iomega’s popular 100 MB drive is now easier to plug in

XML: A Primer

by April 4, 1999

The eXtensible Markup Language lets you structure data in documents, unlike HTML

DHTML Widgets 4

by April 3, 1999

A simple script that makes sure every page in a framed site loads in its frame

Free E-Mail Services

by April 1, 1999

Choose your kind of mail account—POP3, Web mail or forward

F-Secure 4.02

by April 1, 1999

An anti-virus software with an API for third-party modules

A Newsgroup in Your office

by April 1, 1999

Set up a newsgroup for your intranet on a Linux or Win NT 4 server

HP Pavilion 8418

by April 1, 1999

A high-end home PC with excellent sound quality and graphics

A Name for my Website

by April 1, 1999

The Internet naming conventions help people find you on the Net

Personal Webserver

by April 1, 1999

Here’s a Webserver for your Lan—free within Windows

Samsung SyncMaster 700 IFT

by April 1, 1999

An elegant 17″ paper-flat monitor with sharp images

Virtual Private Networksirtual Private Networks

by April 1, 1999

Access your company”s network resources from anywhere in the world

Epson’s New Inkjets

by April 1, 1999

The Stylus Color 640/740 produce photo-quality output

Working Effectively with AutoCad

by April 1, 1999

AutoCAD 14 is the most popular version of AutoCAD, though there are still several users of version 12 around. Release 14 brought ...

Tektronix Phaser 740P

by April 1, 1999

A network color laser with dazzling output

ACi Emerald

by April 1, 1999

A notebook under Rs 60,000

Battery = Cell++

by April 1, 1999

A dark secret of notebook batteries stands exposed