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AMI LT-600

by January 4, 1999

A 600 VA offline unit that performs well, but has a low backup time

Albit 500 C

by January 4, 1999

A 500 VA offline with reasonable performance but low backup time

Speeding up RAMpeeding

by January 4, 1999

What’s the fastest RAM around? Static RAM is still too expensive. But extending its caching role, vendors are putting it into DRAM chips

Using IRC

by January 4, 1999

Make friends and influence people across the globe with chat and messaging services

The Smallest Webserver

by January 3, 1999

A matchbox-sized machine that uses an AMD486 SX, 66 MHz CPU, and runs Linux

Linux has a GUI

by January 3, 1999

Not a cryptic commandline-only OS, Linux has several graphical interfaces, like KDR, to choose from

Drives Reviewed

by January 3, 1999

Sony CRX 100E emerges winner with a higher CD-RW capacity, performance being almost same for all

Care for your CDs

by January 3, 1999

Tips for protecting your CDs

Your Monitor

by January 2, 1999

It’s a color-only world now, and 15

Selecting Your Motherboard

by January 2, 1999

Super 7 or Slot 1, choose a 100 MHz board

Identifying your Processor

by January 2, 1999

All processors have external markings which help you identify their specs

Halloween IV

by January 2, 1999

When software things were rotten

Hard Disk

by January 2, 1999

A fast hard disk can boost system performance considerably

Display Cards

by January 2, 1999

Resolution and color depth determine the quality of what you see

The Right CPU

by January 2, 1999

You have a wide range of processors to choose from,
to fit your pocket and performance needs

CD-ROM Drives

by January 2, 1999

Essential today. Drives rev up their speed,
and DVD is around the corner

The Bits and Pieces

by January 2, 1999

All that you need: RAM, cabinet, operating system,
mouse, keyboard…

Router on a floppy

by December 31, 1998

Turn any old 386 or 486 into a router and
Internet gateway for your network

Coping With The Systems (Un)Professional

by April 15, 1998

HR managers need to be extremely careful in hiring systems professionals, since the brightest talent may not necessarily be the best
long-term bet for the company.