Norton CleanSweep 2001

by November 28, 2000

Remove unnecessary files and free up hard drive space, clean your registry, compress infrequently-used programs, create backups… 

Multimedia Mania

by November 28, 2000

A look at what was hot and what was not this year

HP OfficeJet 725

by November 20, 2000

A printer, scanner, photocopier, and fax machine, all rolled into a single device

Your Dream Notebook

by November 11, 2000

Notebooks are fast moving away from being the CEO’s prerogative to becoming a fashion accessory that make a statement about their owners. We have for you a review of 12 notebooks and tips on how to buy a notebook so you can choose one that suit you.

Cheetah X15 from Seagate

by November 11, 2000

This SCSI drive has the best transfer rates amongst the drives we’ve tested so far

How to Migrate to another OS

by November 11, 2000

The complete guide to moving from one network operating system to another

Distributed Computing with CORBA

by November 11, 2000

This specification helps to create language independent and platform independent distributed computing applications

12 Notebooks put to test

by November 11, 2000

How we tested the notebooks to see if the bucks you spend on  them are worth the bang they give

Choosing the Right Notebook

by November 10, 2000

Here are some tips on what to look for when buying a notebook. Eventually, however, your specific needs and budget will decide which notebook you should buy

by November 10, 2000

An electronic post office for those not connected to the Internet

Bid for free on

by November 10, 2000

A group-buying market place for businesses and consumers

Onida Web Cruiser

by November 10, 2000

This 21” color TV comes with a built in set top and modem, but has limited Internet functionality


by November 10, 2000

The D-Link DSC 350 digital camera is inexpensive and easy to use

Filtering Focused Information

by November 10, 2000

How search engines tap into the social network  of the World Wide Web to produce focused results

Implementing Corba with Java

by November 10, 2000

How to code in Java, while adhering to CORBA specifications

Direct Marketing over the Internet

by November 10, 2000

Instead of spamming all and sundry, direct marketers can get better results by ensuring that theirproduct is useful and interesting

Working with Java Servlets

by November 10, 2000

How to write server-side Java programs to create dynamic HTML and WML pages

LittleBrother is Watching

by November 10, 2000

Monitor Internet usage and traffic on your network with this network utility

HP e-Vectra

by November 7, 2000

A highly-compact PC with good performance and features