Compaq Armada M700

by November 1, 2000

A well-priced notebook with a rich-set of features

Notebooks IBM T20

by November 1, 2000

A feature-rich, lightweight notebook that tops the charts

Firewall Protection with ISA Server 2000

by October 31, 2000

A proxy server and a firewall for protecting your network from intrusion

Thunderbird: AMD’s 1.1 GHz Processor

by October 31, 2000

This processor out beats the rest in terms of processing power

Cascading Proxy Servers

October 9, 2000

You can reduce congestions and make Net access faster in large networks by cascading multiple proxy servers

Proxy Calls

by October 9, 2000

How to decide on the rightproxy server for you


by October 9, 2000

Proxy servers improve Internet access over networks by caching frequently accessed content

Casio Pocket Viewer PV-S250

by October 9, 2000

An easy-to-use PDA that also supports Excel worksheets

PDAs and Mobile phones: The Merger

by October 7, 2000

What will happen when a PDA marries a mobile phone? Will you, the user, livehappily ever after?

Handhelds Come of Age

by October 7, 2000

What started off as a simple pocket-sized computing deviceis on its way to revolutionize computing


by October 4, 2000

A search utility that gives you accurate results by simultaneously searching several search engines, and filtering results

Yahoo! Messenger for Linux

by October 4, 2000

Use this application to send instant messages in Linux, the same way you do in Windows


by October 4, 2000

Check more than 60 Web-based mail accounts without giving log-in details each time


by October 4, 2000

A dictionary, encyclopedia, translator, and converter—all rolled into a simple utility

Windows Media Player 7

by October 4, 2000

A player that supports almost all media formats—QuickTime, Real Audio, Real Visual, CD audio, MP3 and others

Yahoo! Player

by October 4, 2000

Listen to MP3s, watch movies, and tune in to Internetradio stations with this multimedia player

MPEG Scissors

by October 4, 2000

A graphics application to snip and combine MPEG files

The K7M from ASUS

by October 4, 2000

This motherboard for the Athlon performed well on our benchmarks

Lexmark Z11Color Jetprinter

by October 4, 2000

A color inkjet printer with good quality prints

Creative 3D Blaster GeForce2

by October 3, 2000

This gaming card performed well on our tests—great frame rate,resolution and color depth