ISP Shootout: Bangalore

by June 30, 2000

Among the 11 ISPs we tested, Pacific Internet and Wipro-Net emerge as the best bet

Laser Wars

by June 20, 2000

PCQ Labs tests eight workgroup laser printers.

Does IT really matter?

by June 19, 2000

India it seems, is on an IT frenzy.

Technology Tomorrow

by June 19, 2000

Thumbnail-sized displays, Internet in your car, wristwatch PCs


by June 19, 2000

A futuristic software for PC-less connectivity to the Web

Security Alert

by June 19, 2000

The “love letter” virus, and vulnerabilities in Netscape Navigator, Microsoft Outlook…

Automating Win 2k installs

by June 19, 2000

Customize Windows 2000 for unattended installation

The Winners

by June 19, 2000

Epson EPL-N2010 
A printer with good print speeds but didn’t do very well in our quality tests

A really big game of Tetris

by June 19, 2000

What would you do if you were stranded on Rhode Island alone? You sure ...

e-Picture frame

by June 19, 2000

The front end of this new device looks pretty much the same as your wood-and-glass ...

Vision of the future

by June 19, 2000

Bulky displays and eyestrain are commonly associated with computing, but that could soon be the thing of the past.

Panasonic CW-7502-B

by June 19, 2000

An entry-level CD-Writer that’s priced well

Plexwriter W124Tsi

by June 19, 2000

An extremely fast, but expensive drive, ideal for multimedia designers 

HP CD-Writer Plus 9310i

by June 19, 2000

A good drive for CD duplication, data storage, and backups

HP CD-Writer Plus 8210e

by June 19, 2000

An external plug-n-play USB drive for easy backups

LG CDE-8808B

by June 19, 2000

An average performer on all counts

Yamaha CRW8242S-NB

by June 19, 2000

A mid-range SCSI drive, good for CD duplication

Yamaha CRW8424E-VK

by June 19, 2000

A CD-ReWriter with fast writes

The CD-ReWriter Tests

by June 19, 2000

Eight CD-ReWriters and CD-Writers are tested to find out which one you should choose