Azza 810 DTC

by January 9, 2001

Low price and a good set of features make this board the winner in this category

Advanced WAP Programming

by January 3, 2001

How to generate dynamic WAP pages using ASP, PHP, Perl, or JSP

PCI Hotplug in Action

by January 3, 2001

Implementation and compatibility issues involved with this technology

PCI Hotplug for Servers

by January 3, 2001

Aimed at eliminating server downtime, PCI hotplug is increasingly being used in servers these days. We look at its benefits, how it works, and what you need for a hotplug system

Films Online

by January 3, 2001

Technologies like DivX and DeCSS have set the stage for distributing good-quality digital video online. What does the future hold?

Broadband in Delhi

by January 3, 2001

Internet over cable performs better than dial-up, not to mention the savings in telephone charges

Getting Ready for Broadband?

by January 3, 2001

An overview of how various broadband technologies are set up

The technology behind QNX

by January 3, 2001

QNX is a cross between a real time and a platform operating system. Here we examine this in detail

Five Free Operating Systems

by January 2, 2001

A quick guide on installing the free OSs available on this month’s PCQ CD, and their key features

Protect data during remote sessions

by January 1, 2001

The Linux Secure Shell provides safe remote login services by encrypting the data flow

Secure with PGP

by January 1, 2001

A step-by-step guide on communicating safely by encrypting your e-mail

What Digital Certificates do

by January 1, 2001

In the virtual world even your signature is not sufficient proof of your identity. Your e-mail can easily be read by prying eyes. Digital certificates are solutions to both these problems

The Browser as a Security Threat

by January 1, 2001

How malicious are cookies, JavaScript, Java applets, and ActiveX components

Are you Secure When Someone Seeks you?

by January 1, 2001

Some desktop security issues with the popular instant messenger, ICQ

Security Alert

by January 1, 2001

Two worms that are wreaking havoc through e-mail, incompatibilities in Windows Me, vulnerability in Windows 2000

Mail Safe with Digital Certificates

by January 1, 2001

Digitally signing your e-mail in Outlook Express will verify you as the sender. encrypt it so that only the intended receipient can read it

Obtaining Digital Certificates

by January 1, 2001

An easy to follow step-by-step guide to getting one

Of Worms and Trojans

by January 1, 2001

These usually enter your system through e-mail. Find out how you can safeguard yourself from them

Security Threats to your Desktop

by January 1, 2001

Any PC is prone to attack, so let’s analyze the gaps and plug them