System Mechanic 3.2

by February 1, 2000

An easy-to-use Windows utility to keep your PC running smoothly

X Window with SiS Cards

by February 1, 2000

A step-by-step guide on configuring SiS cards to run X Window in Linux

Security Alert

by February 1, 2000

Bugs and fixes in Norton AntiVirus 2000 and Mac OS 9. Plus dangerous Trojans

Motherboard Secrets

by February 1, 2000

Interesting facts that’ll help you choose the right one

Seagate’s U8 Hard Drive

by February 1, 2000

A well-priced hard disk with tons of space

Thin Clients made Eazi

by February 1, 2000

This ISA card converts your old PCs into thin clients for running NT Terminal Server or Citrix Metaframe


by February 1, 2000

A free, easy-to-use utility for downloading images from Websites

Multiple OSs for One PC

by February 1, 2000

Run Win 98, NT, and Linux on one machine, using LILO as a chain boot loader

Maxtech Netpacer

by February 1, 2000

A 33.6 k external modem with good connects and a decent price


by February 1, 2000

Choosing the right one

Glossary of Motherboard Terms

by February 1, 2000

BIOS (Basic Input Output System): A small code of instructions etched into a ROM chip and put on the motherboard. The BIOS ...


by February 1, 2000

A quick-n-easy way to create an online store

Novoflex Cord Organix

by February 1, 2000

A set of straps and cable clamps to tidy the ugly mess of wires hanging from your PC

Form Factor

by February 1, 2000

Design specifications of motherboards, what they mean, and what’s popular in the market

Compaq Deskpro EC

by February 1, 2000

Low on RAM, no CD-ROM drive, and a high-end gaming card make this one an odd corporate PC

It’s All about Choice

by February 1, 2000

Your choice of a PC extends much beyond the clock speed of the processor

Motherboard Chipsets

by February 1, 2000

A set of chips that control every component on the motherboard


by January 12, 2000

A standalone rectangular-box like device meant just for sending and receiving e-mail

Beyond IT Policies

by January 11, 2000

For IT to flourish, the governmentmust not just create the rules, but also the enabling environment