Power Winners

by May 1, 1999

Who won, and why, in this summer”s UPS Shootout

Multi-Tech ProxyServer

by May 1, 1999

This compact Internet sharing device includes three 56 kbps modems,
remote access, and DHCP


by May 1, 1999

VSNL”s Internet service improves security, shoots itself in the foot

The Network and the Appliance

by May 1, 1999

Jini and Inferno hold out the promise of a world of connected appliances, friendly and talkative

Medicine Internet

by May 1, 1999

Useful health sites for women–and medical professionals

Lotus SmartSuite 96

by May 1, 1999

Despite two 16-bit modules, this Win 95 suite retains its fluid integration and its 32-bit apps pack a lot of punch

Query Data with a Web Form

by May 1, 1999

We’ve built a MySQL database for Linux. Now let’s make data retrieval easier

Inside your OS

by May 1, 1999

The OS kernel controls devices attached to your system, manages programs, and maintains file systems

Internet Information Server 5

by May 1, 1999

IIS 5 adds new wizards, lets you send Web pages in compressed form,
and saves them as ASPs. We look at the beta

INDIA Internet

by May 1, 1999

While Indian companies are heading for the Web, several sites are busy covering the elections

How Tiny Can a Graphical OS Get?

by May 1, 1999

QNX is small enough to fit an OS, Web browser, notepad, game and
file manager—on one floppy


by May 1, 1999

A TV set-top box, largely for e-mail

The Zip goes USB

by May 1, 1999

Iomega’s popular 100 MB drive is now easier to plug in

XML: A Primer

by April 4, 1999

The eXtensible Markup Language lets you structure data in documents, unlike HTML

DHTML Widgets 4

by April 3, 1999

A simple script that makes sure every page in a framed site loads in its frame

Free E-Mail Services

by April 1, 1999

Choose your kind of mail account—POP3, Web mail or forward

F-Secure 4.02

by April 1, 1999

An anti-virus software with an API for third-party modules

A Newsgroup in Your office

by April 1, 1999

Set up a newsgroup for your intranet on a Linux or Win NT 4 server