by January 11, 1999

Wipro launches Internet services for corporates Wipro Net ...

Choosing Your Graphics Card

by January 11, 1999

Serious gaming require a 16MB card, while a 4MB is sufficient for productive applications


by January 10, 1999

Whether you need simple access control or have a defined security policy, firewalls give you a range of options

The Survey

by January 9, 1999

How do we pick the winners? Which users do we ask? Here are the answers


by January 9, 1999

The tracing of super-cracker Kevin Mitnick

Of SATAN, Sniffers and Crackers

by January 9, 1999

Hackers” tools to make your network more secure

The Free Office Suite

by January 9, 1999

PCQ handpicks a word processor, spreadsheet, database, e-mail client, and a browser for this month’s CD

The Printer Results

by January 8, 1999

Epson tops the charts; Canon lags due to price We came to some interesting conclusions after this shootout. Compared to ...


by January 8, 1999

Epson Stylus Photo 700 ...

e-Solution Providers

by January 8, 1999

Several companies are offering various services to make your e-com experience better, faster and more secure. A comprehensive compilation of such services, ...

Apparel Online

by January 8, 1999

A Mumbai store sells shirts on the Net

And the Winner is….

by January 7, 1999

In our shootouts, normally, we work out a combination of price, performance, and features, and announce a winner. ...


by January 7, 1999

Sony’s new gaming processor, and aboard to replace a Slot 1-Celeron with two Socket 370-Celerons

Microtek SlimScan C6

by January 7, 1999

An ultra-slim, CIS-based, flatbed scanner at a low price

Pushing PC Performance

by January 7, 1999

PCQ Labs finds out the right combination of processor, RAM, hard disk, and video card

Wrapper Scripts in Linux

by January 7, 1999

With kernel 2.2, you can associate not only apps but also define actions for ...

The Winners

by January 6, 1999

With similar performance, price became the deciding factor