Pallavi Singh, VP of SPPL: A Journey Through Leadership and Innovation

Pallavi Singh, VP of Super Plastronics shared its presence in the Indian market and recent innovations in the company’s product line.

Manisha Sharma
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Pallavi Singh

We recently talked with Pallavi Singh, the Vice President of Super Plastronics PVT LTD (SPPL), which holds the brand license for White-Westinghouse TV in India. We aimed to uncover the key driving factors behind the brand's success in India, and we didn't hold back with our questions. She candidly addressed all our inquiries and shared its presence in the Indian market and recent innovations or developments in the company’s product line.


What factors inspired the company to expand its presence in the Indian market?

White- Westinghouse, as a brand, has been present globally for more than 130 years from home appliances to industrial ones. With its ever-expanding global presence, the Indian market was spotted as one with an upward trajectory and one where the brand would be recognized and appreciated for its equity.   

How does the company differentiate its products from established brands in the Indian market?


We aim to cater to the masses and hence have products that start at the lowest price range but also those that are premium in nature like Fully Automatic Top Load and Front Load machines. However, even our premium devices are priced so that it does not pinch anyone’s pocket, and technology or efficiency is not compromised.

Can you describe any recent innovations or developments in the company’s product line?

We have recently started our washing machine factory and have started manufacturing fully automated machines in-house as well. These were being sourced from out of the country earlier and we are happy to be taking another step towards being a Make in India manufacturing unit.


Are there any potential challenges the company may face in achieving its goals for market share in the Indian washing machine category?

Potential challenges faced are those in the nature of competition. Although, not a lot of brands are present in the B category market space, names of category A brands are more popular and have a loyal fanbase. It will take another 2-3 years to set our roots and gain a larger market share. We aim to capture at least a 5 % market share by the end of 2024.

What are the key factors contributing to your growth?


A major factor contributing to our growth is being able to set up our own unit. Other than that, we see consumers becoming aware of their options and purchasing Indian-made brands more and more. Even those in rural areas are now aware that online marketplaces cater to their areas as well and use the same to purchase a lot of household products. The dynamics of the youth of the country are also changing and purchasing power as well as decision making is no longer the sole responsibility of elders of the home. All this helps us in making the consumer more aware of our brand and expanding our market reach.

Are there any special events or promotions planned for customers during the festive season?

We plan to offer some of the best prices of the year during these festive sales on Flipkart and Amazon so our customers should definitely look out for them.


Could you provide information about the after-sales services that the company offers?

We provide on-site services for all our customers and have our own service engineers as well as third-party ones to be able to provide a wide area of service and take minimum time for the same.

How extensive is your company's reach across the nation?


Our brands are present on Flipkart and Amazon, which cumulatively, cater to more than 18000 pin codes in the country.

How are you planning to expand your presence and compete in the highly competitive Indian market?

We plan to also introduce our machines in the offline market space at competitive prices and never seen before features that have specially been developed for the Indian market