Pay Residential and Commercial Rents via Credit Cards by RentPay App

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RedGirraffe, a Fintech and Real Estate technology company, has announced the launch of an FinTech product RentPay (patent pending) that enables cashless rental (Residential & Commercial) transactions between landlords and tenants via CREDIT CARDS.

 The company  has entered into Strategic Technology Interface Integration with all of the most prominent banks and Credit Card Companies operating within India & in the United Kingdom. Few of the banks and Credit Card companies in India that are going LIVE pan India with RedGirraffe’s RentPay (patent pending) platform are SBI-GE Cards, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, IndusInd Bank, Axis Bank and Kotak Mahindra Bank. The company remains integrated with 40 banks operating in India.

The system goes LIVE this week, and given the timing of the launch, the company expects quite a bit of traction. A tenant living anywhere in India can now pay his rent via CREDIT CARDS through RentPay platform.

Manoj Nair, Founder and CEO,, expressed his enthusiasm about the launch, commenting, “We are pleased to launch RentPay (patent pending) in India; the only FinTech platform globally that enables rental payments to be made through CREDIT CARDS. We hold a studied belief that the entire market of rent payment, “Internet banking transfer based and the CASH based” would pivot to RentPay whereby everyone could pay their rent via CREDIT CARDS. It’s a no brainer due to the various advantages that one gains by merely moving the rental payment from their mundane monthly savings bank transfer to a much efficient and rewarding Credit Card enabled transfer.”

Few of the prominent advantages being 45-60 days of FREE credit period, Reward points, keeping on earning interest on the balance available on ones savings bank account, getting to manage one’s CASH-FLOW better. Customers can enjoy additional discount offers forwarded by the partner banks from time to time to such customers using’s RentPay platform. Add to it the country is surely moving towards a strong CREDIT SCORE. Payment of rent via CREDIT CARDS helps cement a strong CIBIL score.

A strong CIBIL score in turn gets one better interest rates whenever one were to apply for any loan (eg: Car, Education, Personal, Housing etc) & finally every tenant using RedGirraffe’s RentPay platform gets to avail a one-time 5 days brokerage discount in every such city that either currently operates (Noida/NewDelhi/Gurgaon) or plans to launch its operation (Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai and Ahmedabad) in the nearest of future.

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