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Website image-download utility. Freeware

Features: Download based on size; multiple image format support.

Pros: Background downloading; low CPU utilization.

Cons: Doesn’t resume broken



There’s a variety of software available that lets you download 

parts of Websites for offline browsing. These vary in their degree of functionality. Some are highly complex with all the bells and whistles including filters, support for all Web page formats, download scheduling, etc. There are also simple ones that simply whack whatever comes their way. Then there’s PicPluck. As the name tells you, this software downloads pictures from the Web. It’s for people who don’t want to go through the trouble of going to each image, right clicking on it, and saving it. 

PicPluck has its own, small in-built browser that lets you browse the site from where you want to download images.

You can download images from a single page, or specify multiple levels of links that it should go down to. You can even decide the file types in which you want to save the image–such as GIF or JPEG. It can also save AVI and MPEG files.


The program is really easy to use. All you’ve to do is enter the URL of the page you want to download, and click on a button called “Pluck this page”. A window pops up with lots of options–such as where in the hard disk you want to download the images, the number of levels to go down to, and which file types you want to download. To save time, you also have the option to download thumbnail views of images instead of the entire image. You can also download images based on image size. The program doesn’t hog too much CPU power while downloading.

You can open multiple browsers at one time for downloading images from different sites. Once a picture’s been downloaded, you can view it using the built-in viewer in PicPluck. If you get disconnected while a download is taking place, you won’t lose the pictures that have already been downloaded. However, when you resume the download, it’ll first cross-check with the Website what pictures have been downloaded, and will continue to download the remaining ones. 

PicPluck doesn’t let you download some pictures from a single page–it downloads all the pictures on a page.

Overall, it’s very useful, especially since it’s freeware. It can work in the background while you do other work on your PC. It’s available on this month’s PCQ CD, and you 


can also download it from


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