Planning a trip: Here is how Google can make it easy

Google Travel is the newest feature which shows users the fares of all the flights beforehand and also shows days when the fares are low or high.

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For all your information be it travel, flights, food, historic monuments – Google Search is your one-stop destination. And as we all know, planning a vacation requires a lot of efforts including flights, hotel reservation, etc. this at times becomes hard for a people to track almost every website. And to make your travel planning easy, Google has updated Search with new features that will now tell you when to book a flight, when the prices are high or low.


Now book flights when the prices are in your budget

The first challenge every traveller faces when planning a trip is finding flights. And when it comes to flights, it’s really hard to know when you should book and what the prices would be. Google already reveals if prices for a flight are high or low. But in the next few weeks for some flights, Google will show you the price changed in the past few months and will also notify you if they will go higher anytime soon. Additionally, if the predicted price decreases further, Google will pay you the difference for select flights booked between August 13 and September 2.

When you have booked a flight and received a confirmation in Gmail, you’ll be able to see your upcoming trip when you visit Google in the next week will also help you to search for hotels, restaurants and recommend things that you can do. The company will also provide you with helpful information about the best neighbourhoods, the best time to visit and hotel prices.


Google will now also give you personalized hotel results to help you with the best place to stay including places that you’ve visited earlier.


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