Bros Before Pros: How to be a Team Player in Battleroyale Games

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Multiplayer battleroyale games are fun to play, but they can also be very intense. One mistake can cost you and your team the entire match, and ranks can get affected. Players need to be aware and on their feet at all times while playing these games. However, one thing that goes unnoticed by a number of players is the importance of teams in the game.

Battleroyale games are essentially team-based, where one can not take control of the situation single-handedly. It is very important to play as a team player in these games, but how does one become a good team player?

Assess Your Roles

There are multiple roles in a squad that can be taken up by players based on their skills and experience with the game. The main roles in a squad are In-game leader, entry fragger, supporter and Sniper. Players who can move fast and have good control of their movements are reflexes can be entry fraggers. These players need to pick up kills and assault the enemy. The in-game leaders are responsible for strategizing the drop locations and the rotations in the match. The IGL also gives calls for action. The player who is playing the role of the supporter is responsible to keep all the supplies like the health kits, medkits and other essentials that are required in the game for better HP and boost. The sniper, as the name suggests, needs to be in the back and snipe enemies from a distance. These roles need to be assessed by players before getting into a match.

Be Aware of Your Teammates’ Whereabouts

Locations and positions are very important in battleroyale games. The maps are big, and you can lose track of the position of your teammates. Situations can get out of hand very easily while playing games, in times like these, it is very important to be aware of where your teammates are. You can support them and keep them from being killed or knocked out. Giving cover fire in tight situations to your teammates is very important, it is not the best idea to run out of situations. Keeping an eye on the minimap and stay on top of your teammates’ position.

Stick to a Team and Progress Together

It is very easy to get frustrated when your team doesn’t perform the way it is supposed to. However, it is important to understand that sticking to one team and advancing in the game together is always a good feeling. Try making a squad with players who are of the same tier or rank as you. This way you will have a common skill set and understanding of the game and no one would feel left out or like the weak link in the team.

The urge to progress in the game can be overpowering at times, but compatibility and coordination are very important and that can only be developed by sticking to being a team player.

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