POCO Hints at New Launch. What Might Be Coming?

POCO might be coming out with a budget killer very soon for the Indian audience. Will this mean the revamping of the budget smartphone market?

Boudhaditya Sanyal
New Update

POCO has been one of the famous brands available in the market right now. In their new memo/greeting, the company hinted at something new coming out in the market for consumers. It also pans out the brand's journey and how it has been able to bring a revolution in the smartphone market. From the very first POCO F1 in 2018, the company has been focussed on what it wanted to achieve. They also mentioned their journey of becoming an independent brand. POCO also thanked the consumers and users for achieving the #3 position online in just a span of 10 months.


The funny or not so funny part is that the document had an emphasis on the letter X. They went through all the points that made their F1 smartphone so distinct and likeable. The company claims to have contacted a user-base of current POCO F1 users and asked them what made them liked the phone and what made them stick to it even in 2021. After all the phone was launched back in 2018.

The majority of people answered that the price to performance ratio that the phone offered was unmatched back then and has been the same even now. POCO claims that even in 2021 no smartphone has been able to compete with the price or performance ratio that the F1 offered at its time. It has been 30 months since the POCO F1 launched, and it might seem like a lifetime for a smartphone.

The company has made its intentions about bringing out a similar phone very clear. Only this time the phone might not have an F in the name. The document also had a clear emphasis on "Pro". This can mean that POCO is working on an X-series phone and planning on coming out with a "Pro"version of the same. There are currently 2 phones that can get their upgraded versions, the POCO X2 and X3. Both these phones were good according to their budget but POCO is shooting for excellence this time.

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